City Of Delray Beach Launches New Website


Staff report

If you have been visiting the city’s website recently, you may have noticed a few changes.

The site has a new name, new look and new options.

Now,, the website is hoping to offer an easier way to navigate all of the city’s services.

The site is viewable on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Improvements include an all-new high definition beach cam, intuitive navigation, page translations over with 50 languages that include Haitian-Creole and Spanish and an improved search function.

The City has also switched the city website domain back to its original domain from to improve their reliability and authenticity as a city government-owned and operated website.

“We are excited about the launch of our new site, and we hope visitors will be able to navigate our services with ease,” City Manager Mark Lauzier said. “One of the goals of the city’s website redesign was to create a better user experience for both desktop and mobile users. According our analytics, more half of our website users, 54 percent, are navigating on our site on their desktop, while 45 percent, are smart phone or tablet users. It’s important to us that we tailor the website to meet our customer’s needs.”

“The website represents the dedication on the part of our Media and Communications team,” said Nora Emmanuel, Public Information Coordinator and the Project Manager of the website project. “Community input was an integral part of this project. We gathered feedback through a community-wide survey, pulled our site’s analytics and conducted user testing, amongst other techniques to ensure we are aligning with the needs and wants of the community.”

There is a new “notify me” feature residents can sign up to receive notifications such as city alerts, press releases, events and meeting notifications sent out via email.

The city will continue to update, adjust and make additions to enhance the user experience. The city plans to keep the site updated with fresh new content on a regular basis, including up to date information on projects, meetings and services.