City Seeks Public Input to Encourage Walking/Biking


All across America, towns are becoming more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. A growing number of municipalities are introducing innovative projects to promote alternative methods of transportation in their cities including bike sharing programs, public art and safe paths for walking. Our City is ideal for walking and biking with its unique downtown, historic districts, beautiful beach and charming neighborhood communities. We invite all citizens to provide comments on the Open City Hall Online Public Forum topic. What could the City do to encourage you to walk or bike more? Give us your feedback by visiting and selecting Open City Hall Forum in the Quick Link Box on the right hand side of the home page or click on the link: The closing date for this topic is January 31, 2014. All comments will be forwarded to the City’s Sustainability Officer and the Green Implementation Advancement Board for review. For more information, contact the Public Information Office at (561) 243-7190 or E-mail About Open City Hall Online Forum Open City Hall is an online forum where topics are posted on the City’s website to promote civic engagement and public comment/feedback. This innovative approach to local government, which is maintained by Peak Democracy, a non-partisan company and a member of the Alliance for Innovation, enables residents to provide input and share ideas on City-related issues. The forum continues the City’s efforts to provide more opportunities for citizen interaction and engagement and enables City officials to hear the voices of those who are unable and/or unwilling to speak publicly at City Commission meetings.