Crossed and Found: A Local Author’s Twist on a Kid’s Thriller!


By Heather McMechan Special to The Pineapple Local Mom Scoop had the pleasure of interviewing Boca Raton “indie” author Sonny Barber. He recently published his new book, Crossed and Found. It’s for preteens and older and it’s a must summer read. LMS: What’s the book about? Sonny: Thirteen-year-old Kay moves from Florida to New Jersey and finds a letter that’s been hidden for two centuries and written a few days before George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River in 1776. Others want the valuable letter. The girl gets involved with the FBI and winds up in some dangerous situations. LMS: No vampires or zombies in the book? Sonny: No. It’s a straightforward mystery with a historical twist. The main character helps solve the mystery and also finds the meaning of being someone’s best friend. LMS: Why the “indie” route? Sonny: More control over distribution and royalties. The downside is you don’t have the resources for marketing like major publishers. LMS: Why write a novel with teenage girl characters? Sonny: My wife and I raised two girls. I went to their basketball games, swim meets and dance recitals and heard and saw it all—wins, losses, joys, sorrows, boyfriends and breakups. LMS: How did you balance work and home life when your daughters were teens? Sonny: My wife and I learned to work as a team and not keep score on how much each gives to raising the kids. LMS: What do you like to do locally? Sonny: I enjoy shopping and eating in Downtown Delray Beach. I also enjoy fishing and scuba diving. LMS: Why write fiction? Sonny: I like coming up with the ideas for plots and the characters and being in control of what happens in the story. LMS: What do you want readers to take away from the book? Sonny: I hope they enjoy the book and I want it to rekindle their interest in American history. LMS: Other books in the works? Sonny: By early fall, I’ll publish Book Two of the Mystery History Series—Gold Hush—with the same key characters. Book Three with these characters is scheduled for the end of 2014. I have lots of other plot ideas in my head. LMS: Where can I buy Crossed and Found? Sonny: You can buy it at Heather McMechan of Local Mom Scoop can be reached at Visit her website at, twitter: @localmomscoop, facebook: local mom scoop.