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Contemporary Sculpture exhibit on display at Boca Museum of Art

Catch the works of two breakthrough contemporary sculptures at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

Curated by the museum’s assistant curator Lanya Snyder, Contemporary Sculpture: Sam Anderson and Michael Dean is on display through Oct. 6.

There are 13 pieces of sculpture and video by New York-based artist Sam Anderson and six sculptures by London-based artist Michael Dean. This is the first time their work is featured together.

Dean’s art typically begins with concrete and then he adds other elements such as cable ties, paper and books. Anderson uses traditional materials such as clay, wood and wire and then incorporates other elements such as light and video into her work.

“The exhibition was the inspiration of our Assistant Curator, Lanya Snyder, who saw in Michael Dean and Sam Anderson’s sculpture an opportunity to bring together artists who are both exploring themes of communication in a variety of forms, abstract and figurative,” said Irvin Lippman, the Executive Director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. “One walks through the gallery with a background of music coming from Andersons’s video installation, tying everything together in a holistic experience.”

‘Sinking Tides’ on display at Cornell Art Museum 

A new exhibit using recycled materials and everyday found objects will debut at Cornell Art Museum this month.

Ron Garrett’s “Sinking Tides” gallery exhibit will open in connection with Delray Beach’s First Friday Art Walk from on Oct. 4 from 6-9 p.m.

“Sinking Tides” is an educational and historic exhibition including the artist’s original prints, sculptures, and paintings created with recycled materials and everyday found objects. This exhibition will focus on the ocean tides’ influence and effects through processes of change and corrosion to man-made objects. The focus is on the poetry of the forces of nature, decay as well as the corrosive power of saltwater on human endeavors.

The exhibit is in conjunction with the City of Delray Beach’s “Rise: Climate and Art Weekend.”

Admission to this exhibit and the Cornell Art Museum is free during the Downtown Development Authority’s First Friday Art Walk on Oct. 4.

New seating option at OSS Pavilion 

Old School Square will now offer reserved seating at the outdoor Pavilion.

Patrons will now be able to pre-pick their seats. So, if you want front row or an aisle, you can reserve it early.

Prior to the change, VIP, and Premium seating sections were first come, first serve.

“It’s a much more sophisticated way for people to buy tickets, and it’s a much better experience,” said Susan Andrews, Old School Square’s Director of Ticketing Operations.

The new seating chart is up for the launch of the 2019-2020 season.

‘’For us, it’s not really about generating more revenue, as it is customer retention,”  said Old School Square’s COO, Holland Ryan. “This is a great addition for keeping our concert goers happy with their seats,’’

Test your superhero powers at new exhibit 

Discover what it’s like to fly like Superman or have super strength like the Hulk at a new exhibit at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium.

Hall of Heroes explores the history and science behind America’s superheroes and their impact on pop culture.

“In our mission to open every mind to science, we strive through our exhibits to make sure learning is fun,” said Kate Arrizza, CEO of the Science Center. “Hall of Heroes is the perfect way to get kids to find out more about the physics and chemistry behind superpowers like thermodynamics and X-ray vision as well as the history behind the heroes. Science and imagination go together to help us advance and shape our future.”

According to Arrizza, the original Batmobile from the 1969 TV show – the first one to fly – will be welcoming travelers at the Palm Beach International Airport while stars like Iron Man and Wonder Woman will greet Science Center guests.

Discover your own superpowers through tests of grip strength, agility, coordination and the powers of the mind. Visitors will be sorted into one of the four disciplines that are the basis for all superpowers. Powers of the Body analyzes strength, sight, flight and speed. Powers of Mastery explores tactical analysis. The Gadgets section will show how modern scientists and inventors are developing specialized tools. The Elements deals with the manipulation of water, electricity, earth and fire.

The rich history of heroes will be broken down into the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Ages of comics, ranging from the late 1930s to present day. Those who visit the exhibit will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and explore new concepts through discovery.

The exhibit is on display through Sunday, April 19, 2020.