Delray Beach City Manager Announces Retirement


                        David T. Harden, City Manager for the City of Delray Beach, has announced his retirement after twenty-two years of service. Mr. Harden made his announcement during the July 17, 2012City Commission Meeting and reflected on a few of the numerous accomplishments from the past two decades that helped to revitalize Delray Beach from a struggling community in the early 1990s to the professionally managed, vibrant community it is today. During his tenure, the renewal and redevelopment efforts under Mr. Harden’s leadership have distinguished our City as a model for growth management and innovative practices, both of which have helped Delray Beach to be considered one of the premier communities in Florida and around the country. In addition, Mr. Harden, with the support of the various elected officials that he has worked with, is responsible for developing a strong and professional management team that has worked together to create an organizational culture that promotes customer service and innovation. This change in culture and stability with the City Manager position has led to the City being able to offer the highest levels of services and programs to our residents, businesses and visitors and develop the City as great place to live, work and play.

Over the years, David Harden’s efforts have contributed to the City earning numerous accolades locally and nationally. Some of the awards and recognitions that the City of Delray Beach has earned during his tenure include: The only two-time recipient of the All-America City Award in the state of Florida (1993 & 2001), The 2011 Florida Municipal Achievement Award – Florida Citizenship Award from the Florida League of Cities (FLC) for the City’s innovation and excellence in developing civics educational programs for the Delray Beach community, Certification as a Blue Wave City for our clean and beautiful beaches, and most recently, The Palm Beach County’s League of Cities (PBCLC) Member City of the Year for 2012 for the City’s excellence in municipal service. In addition, Mr. Harden has been recognized by his professional local government peers around the state in May 2010 when he was presented with the Florida City and County Management Association’s (FCCMA) 2010 Award for Career Excellence for his exceptional service in municipal government and the 2010 President’s Award for outstanding professional team building and Managers in Transition (MIT) support.