Delray Beach: Haven For Entrepreneurs, Small Business


By: Christina Morrison Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Did you know that 93 percent of Delray Beach’s businesses are entrepreneurs (one or two employees) and small businesses (30 employees or less)? And this number is growing in. Many ask why, and the reasons are many and diverse.

Some businesses that were started here then expanded to around the country, like Delivery Dudes and The Downtowner, thrive here since Delray Beach is both home to thousands of residents in close proximity to a lively downtown and a vacation destination where there are hotels close – but not always within walking distance – to restaurants, entertainment and shopping. Hence, the success of these service-type enterprises.

Other reasons for entrepreneurs coming here include the nice weather and the easiness of getting around the area. Many residents think there is too much traffic congestion here, yet those who are flocking here find the ease of getting around a haven from the “rat race” of more cosmopolitan areas.

Lastly, the fact that many come to Delray to re-start their lives – to get better or to retire– is a marked reason for Delray’s entrepreneurial spirit. Many people – and their visiting families – come here to rehabilitate or to retire, only to find their lives fully revived and themselves ready for new adventure. Many successful businesses are located here because their founders came here to rehab or revive, then brought the family, invented a product or business, or brought their business here from another area of North America.

In order to celebrate and expand this entrepreneurial spirit, the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce is hosting a “Pitch”-style competition for Delray Beach’s Next Great Idea. If you have a product or service that has launched and is ready for the “next step” in growth, contact me or Vin Nolan at the Chamber to get the application to be entered into this competition. There are several “Angels” (on TV they are called “Sharks”) ready to help these entrepreneurs expand and/or grow their companies and become more of our City’s Successful and expanding enterprises.

The application is easy and the competition’s process includes mentoring and training to perfect your product’s “pitch” to help ensure success. So, if you are an Entrepreneur or Inventor, contact us now at or contact me or Vin Nolan for an application to get in on the fun. The deadline to apply is Aug. 31.