Delray Beach Politics to be Basis of Political Drama


DELRAY BEACH, FL – Kevin Spacey, lead actor and producer of the Netflix original series House of Cards has tapped Delray Beach politics as the subject of a new series on local politics. Although Delray’s most recent polling stations saw only 6,944 votes, the number equaled 16% of all eligible Delray Beach voters – which ranks the city in the top 5% for non-Presidential election turnouts throughout the country. This percentage is what interests House of Cards producers – as the series is based upon an algorithm that sources Netflix user data via genre searches and trending viewership reports.

“When we were developing House of Cards for Netflix, we based our theme, plot and character decisions upon a trend in search, recently watched and ‘my list’ choices of Netflix viewers,” explains Nathan Giltner, Senior Financial Analyst at Netflix. “And obviously, the show propelled Netflix into a new role of current entertainment establishment.” Giltner continues, “Delray Beach politics is pregnant with the issues that interest our viewers – including controversial PACs, unethical campaign ads and even self-made loans to mayoral campaigns.” Netflix approached the Board of Commissioners on March 24, 2015, asking for emails relating to the recent elections and stating their intentions to create a screenplay on the events leading up to the electoral rematch of Mayor Carey Glickstein and Tom Carney.

Tentative roles and their actors include Ed Harris as Mayor Cary Glickstein; Jonah Hill as Commissioner Mitch Katz, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Commissioner Al Jacquet; Eva Longoria as Commissioner Jordana Jarjura, and Candice Bergen as Commissioner Shelly Petrolia.

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