Delray Beach Tax Preparation Firm Expands Across Florida


TAX USA has enjoyed sustained growth across the state of Florida as the 2013 tax season begins in earnest. The Delray Beach based firm is a full service tax preparation service provider. They have established locations throughout South Florida and are now expanding into the Tallahassee area. The current expansion can be attributed in large part to TAX USA’s client centered approach. Tax preparation specialists must attend an in depth seminar at the Delray Beach headquarters each year where they are trained on all new tax deduction guidelines. President and CEO Mitch Delivrance explains the importance of this training, “It is essential that our specialists are educated on current guidelines to ensure our customers receive the maximum refund.” TAX USA has also developed a strategic alliance with The Check Cashing Store to offer clients flexibility and convenience in obtaining  their refund. Locations also offer tax preparation specialists fluent in English, Spanish and Creole. Operations Manager, Frantz Justilien, believes this is an integral part of TAX USA’s success, “the client must feel comfortable communicating in their first language.”

Another reason why clients always return to TAX USA year after year is their commitment to giving back to the community. Every year in August their back to school program gives thousands of children free backpacks with school supplies. On Thanksgiving, turkeys are given out to local families to show gratitude for the warm welcome they have received from the community. TAX USA was established in 2006 to serve the South Florida community, offering both personal tax preparation and business tax solutions. TAX USA is based in Delray Beach, Florida and has locations in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Leon counties. Services offered include free tax estimates and previews prior to filing, free income tax preparation for senior citizens and free 1040EZ online filing.