From the Delray Chamber of Commerce CEO


Three things to get excited about and three things to be concerned about
Things I’m excited about:
■ The entrepreneurial scene – entrepreneurs are excelling and expanding. Businesses made in Delray, for Delray and growing beyond Delray – like the Downtowner, Delivery Dudes, and Saltwater Brewery. These young minds have created products and services that are getting national attention and encouraging other entrepreneurs.
■ Sister Cities – you may have heard we now have official Sister City partnerships with Aquin, Haiti as well as Pesaro, Italy; Moshi, Tanzania; and Miyazu, Japan. The arts and culture, student exchanges, and business connections is very exciting.
■ Delray to Marina del Rey, LA and beyond – together with the Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative and Ocean Properties we are building relationships promoting business and tourism coast to coast. The synergies are endless. Convenient and direct flights are available and Marina del Rey/Santa Monica/LA is about 15 minutes from LAX.
Things I’m concerned about and what the Chamber is doing:
Drug related issues nationally and in Delray—we are really concerned about issues related to overdoses, patient brokering and all around bad-practices. Our Board Member, Suzanne Spencer with the Drug Task Force and our Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Manager and many elected officials in the county are coming together at the Chamber often and digging into these issues.
Social Media – Social media is amazing – offering so many benefits in getting any message you want out to the world.Business activities, family milestones, corralling help for a cause. But social media can also promote gossip, bad facts and overall horrible messaging. I see big decisions being guided by false social media and individuals speaking as if they represent the masses. Social media can be dangerous. I’m concerned. We at the Chamber think very carefully before we speak out on social media; and, we hold any difficult discussions in person rather than picking battles before the masses.
Special Events – We shared concerns with City Leaders who asked us join them on a special events task force to evaluate the number, frequency and quality of special events in our town. Event planners came to the table and made revisions, eliminations and upgraded the quality of events and continue to do so. We do not agree with some who want to cancel events and move all events out of the downtown. The events helped create the “vibe” in Delray. We remain very engaged in this discussion.
As you can see your local business community has much to be grateful for and we are here to serve and help create solutions in areas of concern as well.
Karen Granger