Delray Commissioners Split In Selecting Interim Commissioner


Staff report
Delray Beach commissioners were deadlocked when selecting a fifth commissioner to serve with them.
Commissioners were scheduled to fill the seat vacated by Commissioner Al Jacquet, but after several rounds of voting they were unable to agree.
It came down to candidates Dr. Josh Smith and Yvonne Odom.
Mayor Cary Glickstein and Commissioner Jordana Jarjura supported Odom while Commissioners Shelly Petrolia and Mitch Katz supported Smith.
Glickstein said he supported Odom because she is always at commission meetings and involved in the city.
Katz said he supported Smith because of his ties to Atlantic High as a retired educator. He also pointed out that Glickstein supported Smith in a previous run for the commission.
Glickstein said he didn’t support Smith for the vacant seat because he hasn’t seen Smith in the chambers since the election.
Katz said he wouldn’t support Odom because during a one-on-one meeting Odom said she supported some of Jacquet’s decisions that Katz didn’t agree with.
Because commissioners couldn’t agree, they will discuss the appointment again on Dec. 6.
If they can’t agree, a special election will be triggered.