Delray CRA Gets New Director


Staff report

Renee Jadusingh has been promoted from assistant director of the Delray Community Redevelopment Agency to executive director.

She received the new title last month from her bosses, the CRA board.

The decision came after executive director and longtime Delray employee Jeff Costello submitted his resignation to the board.

Originally, he proposed staying on board to transition for a 90 day period. His contract stated he only needs to provide a 30 day notice.

The board agreed 30 days was enough of a transition period. His last day was June 28.

“Jeff has been preparing me,” Jadusingh told the board. “We work hand-in-hand and side-by-side.”

Board members agreed that Jadusingh is ready to take over the job.

“She is ready to go,” board member Angie Gray said. “I think she is more than capable.”

Costello became executive director after his boss resigned from the role in 2014. Costello worked in the city’s planning department for 18 years and then for the CRA for 12 years.

He worked on projects like iPic, the Arts Warehouse and the redevelopment of West Atlantic Avenue.

“I am really proud of the accomplishments in the CRA that have occurred,” Costello said. “The investments are strategic. The plans are in place, the foundation has been laid and you have an excellent team.”

Board members thanked Costello for his service to the city.

“You have a tough job,” Commissioner and board member Adam Frankel said. “You handled it with class. You put in a lot of time and effort, seven days a week, after hours. Sometimes you got kicked a little harder than you should’ve. I’m really appreciative of what you have done for the city.”

Board member and commissioner Ryan Boylston complimented Costello on his accessibility.

“He’s never not replied to an email within 24 hours or not called me back within 24 hours,” Boylston said of Costello. “You are extremely accessible and you have always gotten back to me.”

Costello said he calls Delray home still but is “looking forward to a new opportunity and to have an impact on others.”