Delray IPIC Can Apply To Add Rooftop Restaurant


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

When upscale movie theater IPIC won approval to bring its cinema experience to Delray Beach, the company agreed to stick to just showing movies and not include a restaurant in the project.

Now, that agreement may change. Part of the deal called for the rooftop to be a terrace garden open to the public.

Just a few months after the grand opening, the company asked commissioners if it can apply to add a rooftop restaurant.

“Every deal gets tweaked,” IPIC Founder and CEO Hamid Hashemi said. “Every agreement may have to be revisited. We have delivered on every promise. We ask for a compromise so we can create additional jobs in the city and create a destination in the city that provides an unforgettable experience.”

Commissioners agreed to the request in a 4-1 vote with Mayor Shelly Petrolia dissenting.

Some residents repeated the mantra “a deal is a deal” and asked commissioners to keep the current arrangement without a restaurant in place. Others said they welcome the idea of a rooftop restaurant.

It is too soon to know what plans for the restaurant will look like or when an application will be submitted to the city.

IPIC will have to abide by city development regulations, go through the city’s site plan review and appearance board and the city’s approval process before construction can commence.