Delray Medical Center receives ‘Elite Plus’ National Stroke Award


By: Brett Pizzi Contributing Writer
Delray Medical Center was honored with the American Heart Association Elite Plus award. This award states that the hospital was recognized for their ability to provide the most appropriate stroke treatment according to national standards and guidelines.
For over two years, the hospital achieved over 85 percent in adherence to the Get with the Guidelines- Stroke achievement indicators and over 75 percent and five of the eight stroke quality measures to receive the Gold Plus award.
Delray Medical Center ensures the highest quality to their guests. Making sure patient’s arrival and treatment is both quick and of the highest caliber is one of the highest priorities of the hospital, as well as safety of the patients. The medical center staff were able to treat over 50 percent of patients coming in with stroke with tPA, a clot- buster that reduces the effects of strokes, within 45 minutes of their arrival to the hospital.
Known as one of the leaders in stroke care and treatment, Delray medical center has achieved all distinctions and more for these awards. Hospital members keep up-to-date with methods and guidelines that help ensure a speedy recovery and reduction of life long disabilities or issues that typically accompany strokes. This allows for the medical team and staff to provide some of the best care available to the community.