Delray Middle School Receives Grant Renewal


Staff report
Delray Beach will continue its matching dollar grant agreement with the Council for Educational Change that benefits Carver Middle School.
The city’s $100,000 grant commitment began in 2014.
The PASS Grant program is designed for a top corporate executive to serve as a mentor to a school principal and to help enhance principal leadership skills by infusing business strategies into school improvement operations. Jeff Rubin, CEO of It’s Sugar, served as the mentor to Carver Middle School Principal Kiwana Alexander-Prophete for the past three years.
Rubin worked with the students and staff to develop a candy that is currently being produced and distributed worldwide. The candy is known as the “Carver Gummy Bear” and proceeds from sales benefit Carver Middle School. Students learned from the CEO how to market, finance and develop a business.
Due to the program’s success, the council has offered to extend a new grant opportunity with the city.
Principal Alexander-Prophete told commissioners the program was beneficial to the school and students and said its renewal will allow the school to expand what it can offer its students.
The $100,000 commitment can be paid over a three-year period. The first installment payment of $34,000 would be due in October 2018.
Some of the grant dollars will be used by Carver to provide for the expansion of the existing program and the balance will be used to help develop articulation activities that could possibly result in a hospital CEO business partnership at Pine Grove Elementary School to develop a medical arts choice program.
Mayor Cary Glickstein said there has always been a desire to create a program that allows kids to study medical arts from elementary through high school because Delray Medical Center is the city’s largest employer.
He said the city, hospital and school officials have been trying to create a program that links Pine Grove Elementary to Carver Middle to an academy program at Atlantic Community High School that focuses on the medical arts. The new grant will help build upon the work that has already begun in creating a strong medical arts program that will help students find a local job.