Delray Passes Temporary Ban On Stores That Sell CBD Products


Staff report

Delray is saying no to stores that sell CBD products, for now.

The city commission passed a one-year-long ban on the operation of businesses that primarily sell CBD products.

CBD is a cannabis derivative that many users say helps with health issues including chronic pain and anxiety. It does not give users the high that comes from marijuana.

CBD products are popping up for sale in pet stores, on restaurant menus in cocktails and ice cream sundaes and in retail stores.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill this summer allowing the sale of hemp and cannabidiol in the state.

But Delray officials say they want time to study the impact of the stores. The moratorium will allow the city’s legal department to create regulatory rules for businesses that want to open in the city and sell CBD products.

During the next year, the city will not accept, process or approve any application from a business that wants to sell CBD as its main product. Stores that sell CBD items as part of other inventory will not be impacted.

This isn’t the first time the city has approved a prohibition period. Recently, commissioners approved a brief moratorium on scooters and previously on tattoo parlors.

Regulations typically involve where the businesses can open up shop and how many of that type of business can be located in a certain area.