Delray Start-Up Revolve Drives Car Industry In New Direction


Membership service allows car lovers to drive multiple models per year

By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

You can rent a dress for a party, borrow a luxury time piece for a business meeting and now you can drive several high-end cars a year without owning or leasing any of them.

The new service that Delray Beach-based start-up Revolve offers allows car enthusiasts to drive the latest makes and models without the strings of purchasing the car.

“Drive what you crave all the time,” CEO of Revolve Asoka Veeravagu said. “You drive the car just like it’s your own. You drive to work, take the kids to school, take your business associates to lunch, take your significant other out.”

Revolve is a membership-based, concierge service. Members commit to a three-month membership totaling $2,000 per month. That fee gives members access to Revolve’s fleet of high-endvehicles from sports cars to SUVs. You drive the car for a few months before you trade it in for a new one.

Similar to how Netflix gives you recommendations on what to watch, Veeravagu said you answer a series of questions online that reflect your taste in cars.

Revolve’s proprietary system that uses algorithms then matches you with a car in stock that reflects your desires in your new ride.That car is then delivered to a location of your choice and becomes your vehicle for the next few months.

Revolve handles insurance, maintenance and the hassles that come with owning or leasing a car.

“We take care of everything so our members don’t have to,” he said. “Our members, they just drive smarter. We are making it very member friendly and easy for people to try Revolve.”

Veeravagu is an engineer by trade. He started his career at Motorola in Boynton Beach and then moved to Boca-based Jarden Consumer Solutions where he was Vice President of New Business Development.

“I liked what I was doing,” he said of his career at Jarden. “But, I always had an itch to build my own business.”

So he took his affinity for cars, teamed up with Scott Blando, Revolve’s COO and thought of ways to shake up the automobile industry. The result: give people a revolving choice of cars to drive through a technology-enabled subscription service that comes with a white-glove experience.

“Consumers have traditionally bought or leased a new vehicle. But then they are locked into those vehicles for years,” Veeravagu said. “That rules out other great vehicles when you’re trapped in a lease for three years watching a carousel of vehicles go by that you don’t have access to.”

The duo said they saw the growth of “sharing” in industries whether it is clothes or jets. Coupled with the amount of new models, safety features and technologies that the car industry creates, they said they saw an opportunity to combine the two.

The service rolled out on Memorial Day. As Revolve adds cars to its fleet they add members. The Cadillac Escalade Platinum and the Lexus LC500 are currently in the fleet.

Veeravagu said Revole provides variety and an opportunity for people to easily drive the most sought after, new vehicles.

“It’s a whole lifestyle around automotive,” he said. “It’s a new model where the car is an experience. If you’re someone who just loves great cars, we have something for you.”

While the current model caters to South Floridians who want to drive luxury models, the goal is to expand the service to different tiers across the automotive spectrum and in other geographic areas.

Revolve is building out an office space for its headquarters on Federal Highway just north of Atlantic Avenue.

“It will be a great experience center for potential customers,” he said. “Delray has so much to offer. It is an awesome location we are building our team.”

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