Delray Students First at Rotary Luncheon


DELRAY BEACH, FL – If you “believe the futures in our children”, you would have enjoyed the Delray Beach Rotary Luncheon at the Delray Beach Public Library.  The Guest Speaker for the event was Mark Sauer, former CEO of both the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals Major League baseball teams.  Upon Mr. Sauer’s transition from professional baseball management he began looking to relocate in South Florida. Following an extensive search he selected Delray Beach as a perfect location for him to live and to pursue his other passion which is to invest in the disadvantaged youth of Palm Beach County.  Sauer indicated that his family has long been involved in working with disadvantaged children and he established a company called Delray Students First. This 501 (c) (3) entity is a non-profit enterprise designed to help disadvantaged students pursue higher education.  These students in Delray Beach live in the “shadows of tremendous prosperity” and for reasons beyond their control are unable to continue their education beyond the public school system. Mr. Swan sighted examples of youngsters working 40 hour weeks for minimum wages and living in extreme poverty which precludes them from advancing their studies and social status. They have no mentors, no transportation and are typically way behind in their grades. We provide tutors,guidance/ support,college visits,tuition assistance and other assets for these youth that otherwise would not be available.  Delray Students First may be contacted at 561-213-2942.