Delray tennis tournament operator countersues city


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Match Point Inc. has filed a countersuit against the city of Delray Beach, which sued the tennis tournament operator earlier this year.
The city alleges the contract it entered into with the company, which is responsible for hosting an annual professional event sanctioned by the Association of Tennis Professionals, didn’t follow the city’s purchasing rules making the contract voidable.
Match Point’s countersuit alleges the city didn’t need to competitively bid the 2005 contract because Match Point was the only provider of an ATP-sanctioned professional tennis event that was capable of being held in the city in 2005.
Now, Match Point is suing the city for damages in excess of $15,000, attorneys fees and any other relief. It requests a final judgment against the city.
The countersuit goes over the history of having an ATP tournament in Delray and includes meeting minutes and contracts for when the contract was renewed in 2005 and amended over the years.
The current agreement is contracted to last until 2030. The countersuit states the city wanted an ATP tournament to remain in the city so it imposed a penalty up to $4 million if Match Point moved the event from the city.
It states an ATP tournament is the equivalent of the NFL or NBA of tennis and there are only 62 ATP tournaments in the world with 14 in North America and the city of Delray recruited the event.
Match Point states the event has conferred tens of millions of dollars upon the city because of the event and its worldwide marketing.