Did You Ever Wonder? Insurance Q&A


By Harvey Brown Special to The Pineapple Question: If I had only a few minutes before my home was destroyed, what should I take? Answer: Obviously people and pets are THE most important! After making sure they are secure and safely out, you should have a small container with the following: 1. Photos and family videos on CDs and DVDs 2. Emergency cash 3. Insurance:

  • Agent contact information
  • Policy numbers (don’t worry about the policies themselves)

One handy tip we recommend in advance of a storm or any other insurable event (such as a fire) is to walk around your home and video each room in detail. If you can, provide a commentary with the video to help with the description of your property. This video will help you immensely should you need to make a claim for a major loss. Keep this video either “on the cloud” in a web mailbox or storage, or if you have a physical storage method such as a flash drive, keep it in a location separate from your home such as a relative’s home or in a safe-deposit box at your bank. Once you get together your important items, place your small container somewhere on the first floor, preferably by an exit or on your exit-route out of your home. We hope you will never need it, but once you have it ready, you have peace of mind and you can think about other things. Do it now! Next Month: Simple Hurricane Season Prep The Harvey L. Brown Agency are experts in auto, home, business, life/health and represent over 40 companies. If you have questions or concerns about your insurance, call 561-276-0369 Monday-Friday 9-5pm.