DJ Quicktrackz is Redefining the Way You Think About House Music


Apparently it takes more then a Macbook Pro and expensive software to be one of the top DJ’s in the country. I learned this and more when I sat down with Quicktrackz to discuss his upcoming album, sharing the stage with superstars, and livening up the scene in Delray Beach and beyond. “It’s an art,” Quicktrackz says to me. I pause because, as a musician, (and I’m sure I speak for many other musicians) I have never held DJ’s in high regard, assuming that blending one song into the next, and keeping a party going, was little more than the pressing of a button on an iPod. So I respond by asking an obvious question, “What makes you different from other house music DJ’s?” A lot of things,” he responds quickly, as though this is a common question from those who haven’t studied his style. “I take a lot of time in selecting my mixes and then I mix it in a way where it blends harmonically and rhythmically into the next song.” I tell him that this makes me think of my pet peeve, two different songs playing together at the same time. “Exactly!” he says, “There is nothing worse then a vibe or mood being ruined by the clashing of someone trying to mashup two songs that he can’t get to fit together.”

He goes on to tell me that this skill is a big part in making people dance and keep dancing, and that’s what keeps him going. “Making music is my passion and watching people dance to my music is my reward.” I think I’m beginning to understand what makes him different. Quicktrackz did not get where he is by chance. Born in Bogota Colombia, Alejandro De La Espriella (Quicktrackz) was raised in New York and Miami and got his degree in audio engineering from Full Sail University. For years he owned and operated a professional grade recording studio and recorded, produced or engineered the likes of KRS-1 DMX, and Jason Derulo. These experiences have helped him musically to get to where he is today. “I learned a lot from working with those guys,” he says. “I try to put all of my experiences into the music I create, all of the legends created a journey for their listeners,” he continues, “and that is what I try to do with my music. Take them somewhere. It’s all about the journey.” And what a journey he has been on, spinning at some of the top Florida spots like Passions, Mondrin South Beach, Shore Club South Beach and more. Quicktrackz has an album due out September 1st and the first single from it, “Epic” is out now and getting a lot of plays in the clubs. “I got to spin it on stage for thousands after AfroJack” he says “It was amazing” Somewhere during the conversation I realize why this DJ is so different than ones I had seen before. He cares about what he creates and he cares about the audience he creates it for. If I knew nothing else, that alone would be enough to get me to check out Quicktrackz at his next performance. But I do know more about this passionate and artistic DJ. I know that he is just getting started and the music he creates in only going to get better. “This is my first solo album,” he exclaims. “The first of many, and I plan to make people want to dance wherever they listen to it.” I don’t know if I am ready to clean out my playlist and replace it with the infectious beats of house music, but I will definitely be picking up Quicktrackz upcoming album and catching some of his shows and then we’ll see. After all, its just like he said, “It’s all about the journey,” and I’m convinced that Quicktrackz is as good a place as any to start mine.