Donna Hauser Set to Open New Venture NEW PERSPECTIVE


Making a business of helping individuals turn fashion don’ts into fashion do’s is what Donna Hauser, a Delray Beach-based image consultant, wardrobe stylist and life coach, does with panache. Hauser brings many years’ experience of working within the fashion, style and personal image industry to her new endeavor – New Perspective – an image consulting and life coaching firm. An image consultant works with a client as an individual with the aim of educating their clients in how to “do it for themselves” over time. A client will invest in a professional consultation and thus be able to shop and dress independently and individually, acquiring additional shopping or styling advice time to enhance and build on their knowledge of themselves and what works for them. According to Hauser, “As an image consultant, I give my clients—men as well as women—makeovers to help them land better jobs, find a mate, shine at their wedding or just feel better about themselves. I work with them on the right wardrobe style for the image they want to project and even weed out closets or go on shopping expeditions. I also give hair and makeup advice, color-consulting, and instructions for self-confidence.” As an image consultant, an innate sense of style and up-to-the-second knowledge of fashion, hair and makeup trends—and how to apply that makeup—in personal and corporate settings are essential. “Since I’m dealing with people on one of the most personal levels, I need the ability to point out negative traits and suggest changes without hurting their feelings,” states Hauser. When asked how she handles the life coaching aspect of her firm, Hauser explained that she helps improve a client’s personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve their goals. “A life coach helps you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go,” says Hauser. “We support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable to achieving your vision for yourself. Whatever it is that you want in your life, we will help you get it. A life coach is not a therapist. We focus mostly on looking toward your future, rather than dealing primarily with your past.” About New Perspective New Perspective is an image consulting and life coaching firm dedicated to helping individuals reach their goals. Donna Hauser President of New Perspective is a former model, stylist and life coach for more than 20 years both in New York and the Palm Beaches. Her expertise in image consulting and life coaching has changed people’s lives giving them the confidence to achieve all that they have dreamed of. Her belief is that when you understand your clients’ personality, lifestyle, interest and goals you can then work together to transform them from “the inside out.” For more information, visit