Downtown Delray to Expand Over the Water


In efforts to lessen the stresses of growth and development upon Atlantic Avenue west of Swinton, Delray Beach officials voted to expand the city east, approving plans to dredge and raise an additional square mile of useable land off the Delray Beach coast. A private charette was held on February 3, 2014, whereupon Beaux & Gussé Developers Corp. proposed an ambitious plan that would lengthen Atlantic Avenue eastward to accommodate a 300-acre residential community and 225,000 square- foot mixed-use development consisting of a 850-key boutique resort with ground floor retail and restaurant space. The development, currently labeled as Pineapple Island, was approved March 3, 2014. The Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency has partnered with the developer to help fund and facilitate the project, calling the endeavor “an innovative approach to easing tensions between the city and those who are being pushed west of 95 by current development.” Pineapple-Newspaper-Island-Rendering-2 When asked about the environmental impact of dredging the coastline and accommodating the required 36 months of construction, Nathaniel Giltner, president of Beaux & Gussé stated, “When it comes to accommodating the needs of the ocean versus accommodating the needs of city residents and project investors, I choose the latter. This project will generate more than enough revenue to support local environmental groups, which will undoubtedly be cleaning up after us.” Expecting an outcry of protest, The Pineapple is pleased to announce, “Happy April Fools Day.”