Dress Up Your Shoes With Whiskers, Playful Shoelaces


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

Spruce up your office suit or go-to wedding tuxedo in a new way, through your shoelaces.

Whiskers, a new Delray Beach-based company, is changing the way you think about your shoes through colorful, patterned laces you can use in casual or dress shoes.

“Mens dress shoes all look the same,” Whiskers founder Kyle Groth said. “They are brown or they are black. Shoelaces are an overlooked part of your wardrobe.”

Groth said swapping out your laces is one way to stand out when everyone is in the same suit. In addition to a pocket square and tie, you can accessorize with your shoelaces.

“People notice it, but they aren’t in your face,” he said of the laces. “It’s a small way to differentiate.”

The laces are the creation of the Boca resident, who grew up in Delray. He came up with the concept, colors and designs.

The idea popped into his head after he was visiting Austin, Tex. about a year and a half ago and his shoelace broke.

His shoes were in perfect condition, he just needed a new pair of laces. When he couldn’t find a place selling laces, he said he would. And he would make them a fashionable statement.

Not knowing much about fashion, he got to work building the brand which debuted in December. Whiskers currently come in 31 different colors and patterns and are sold online for $14.99 a pair.

The aglets, the end of the laces that you feed through the shoe holes, are fancier than the typical plastic material. The aglets fit through nearly every type of shoe, casual and dress, Groth said. The laces themselves are also made out of high quality material so they don’t fray.

As of last month, Whiskers have been sold in every state but Montana. They come packaged in a box wrapped around a spool for proper storage. Groth said storing the laces around the spool is key so you don’t misplace one.

“It’s been a blast so far,” he said of creating and launching Whiskers.

Groth is working on adding a few more colors to the collection as well as debuting a bootlace line later this year. He hopes to add a collegiate line in time for football season.

The Whiskers website gives quick tutorials on different ways to lace your shoes to “fill your boring shoe holes.”

For more information or to purchase a pair of Whiskers, visit whiskerslaces.com