Drew & The Woo: Part IV

Drew and The Woo is a regular Pineapple series that follows two young professionals as they look for the perfect
night out in Delray Beach. They’ll need a happy hour, a sub-20-buck dinner, some live music and a late-night hot spot. Call it a scavenger hunt, bar crawl or even a mild bender. Either way – you’re going to want to follow in their footsteps. At the end of the year, Drew and The Woo will select their top choice for each category and invite the whole city to come out and join them for “The Best Night Out In Downtown Delray.”

HAPPY HOUR Cut 432 Cut 432’s version of Happy Hour…”Social Hour” is indeed social. Who knew? Well, clearly the gaggle of good-looking folks that’s there every night. A variety of premium beverages, glasses of good vino and top shelf appetizers under $5. Add a dash of fresh decor, modern hipness with an old-school flare and this Social Hour is top-notch.

    Drew: I love this place. I feel like Don Draper from Mad Men. Ryan: And all this time we didn’t believe Cut could… cut it. Drew: We let their swanky reputation, and our well-known bias for a good-old fashioned happy hours, cloud our judgment. Ryan: Shame on us! And shame on all of our friends for not telling us about these delicious, little biscuits. Drew: Who would have thought We would be music and strong drinks. Be ready for crowds of sitting in one of Delray’s most reputable restaurant enjoying tall glasses of cold beer and biscuits that taste heaven sent. What a combo.

Ryan: And we’re not stopping there. Cut 432’s “Social Hour” menu reads like a who’s who of the greatest dishes and drinks ever concocted by man. Mini Burgers, Truffle Mac, and maybe the best Ceviche in town fill our table and our bellies.

Drew: Paired with craft beers the likes of Trois Pistoles and Magic Hat #9 equals sheer bliss. Not to mention one or two “classic cocktails.” Ryan: It’s no wonder they call it “Social Hour.” The bar area is totally buzzing. Drew: It may be the happiest group of people I have ever seen. Ryan: Can you blame them for smiling? I think our stubborn-selves stumbled across the best happy hour in town – and maybe the best bartenders too. Cheers to that. Drew: No… Cheers to Cut 432 and their endearingly swanky restaurant. Ryan: Well said.

DINNER FOR UNDER $20 Crane’s Beach House and The Premiere Pan American Art Auction   Crane’s Beach House is known for their quaint hotel suites, tiki bars and island inspired pool areas. They know how to throw a party! It may be one of the few hotels that are frequented by the locals. Everyone loves Crane’s!       Drew: So… I don’t get it. Why are we at Crane’s? Don’t get me wrong, I love this place, but they don’t serve food under $20. In fact, I don’t think they serve food at all. Ryan: Ahh, true. But my friend Drew, do you know what’s better than dinner for under $20 downtown? Drew: Dinner for under $10. Ryan: Well – yeah, but how about dinner for free? How does that sound? Drew: Sounds like I should have worn my running shoes. Ryan: No, dude, it’s legal. And fairly simple. Before heading out tonight, I checked the events calendar on GoDelray.com and found Ford Fine Art’s Premiere Pan American Art Auction Preview. Drew: Continue… Ryan: Well, on top of featuring fine South American Art, hand rolled cigars, and live music… they also are featuring complimentary appetizers. Drew: So now we’re crashing art auctions? Ryan: Crashing, strategically attending. Whatever, we love art. Drew: Hey, I’m fine with it and I’m glad we came. The empanadas and mango mojitos are rocking and the crowd is incredibly interesting. I think I might kickoff my shoes and stay awhile. Ryan: Unfortunately, we don’t have time. The Downtowner (Delray Beach’s latest and greatest addition) is picking us up any minute so shove a few more empanadas in your beak and let’s roll. Drew: Love The Downtowner, you just can’t beat a startup consisting of a few young entrepreneurs, three (soon to be four) electric golf carts, and a service that transports Delray folks anywhere downtown for tips only. Genius. Ryan: You’re right. They just jumped to number six on my phone’s “favorites” list. Sorry Grandma.

LIVE MUSIC Bull Bar The first live music venue everyone sees, or better yet hears, when they enter the heart of Atlantic Ave. Bull Bar is known for two things: great live music and strong drinks. Be ready for crowds of people singing, dancing and, of course, drinking.

    Drew: Oh, how I love a real live music bar with a great cover band. Ryan: Doesn’t almost every bar have a great cover band on Friday nights? Drew: My simple, simple friend. Cover bands are a dime a dozen, and so are the venues that host them. But cover bands that know what they play, rather than play what they know are a rare breed. And perhaps even more unique, the ven- ues that choose to put the music first. Tonight Bull Bar is featuring The 3 Amigos – a local band worth hunting down. Ryan: Awesome. So when are they going to play some Journey? Drew: They’re not. Ryan: A little Rush perhaps? Drew: Nope. The 3 Amigos are all about the 90’s (and occasionally the 80’s). They know how to read the crowd and play accordingly. Be ready for some Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime and the occasional gangsta rap remix. Ryan: Well I just ran into the owner of Lanzetta’s, the crazy cool new barber shop in Pineapple Grove, and he said The 3 Amigos are the best cover band in town. Drew: I just told you that. Ryan: Yeah, but this guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s like, the raddest dude in this bar. Have you seen his hair? Drew: You do recall that I am a professional musician, owner of a music academy and manage up-and-coming musician’s right? Ryan: Yeah… but have you seen this dude’s hair? Drew: Bottom line. Bull Bar might be the best live band bar in town. Not because of its awesome location. Not because of its intimate vibe; but because they know a great band when they hear one. So I guess I’ll live without Journey tonight.

LATE NIGHT SPOT Sail Inn Located on the outskirts of downtown, this late night bar is well worth the trip. The bartenders are friendly, the atmosphere is legit and the owner is, and will always be, a regular. Open for almost 50 years, the Sail Inn is Delray Beach’s oldest bar.   Ryan: You know how I knew this was one of the best late night spots in town? Drew: How? Ryan: Because three bar owner’s from previous Drew and The Woo Nights Out recommended it. Drew: You know how I knew? One of our followers joined us tonight to tell us how he and his father both had their first drink at Sail Inn when they turned 21. Ryan: It’s also interesting to note that Sail Inn’s online ratings show five stars everywhere you look. People just love this bar. Drew: And they’re not afraid to talk about it. Several regulars seriously couldn’t stop telling us about their relationship with this bar. And though some of the stories were a little foggy, they were all totally genuine. Ryan: What would a real-deal Holyfield local bar be without a dedicated owner? Owner Rick Janke heard we were coming in and told us to text him when we’re on our way. I said “Well, it’ll be like 12-1am.” To which he replied “I own a bar, I’ll be up.” Drew: Not only was he there, but he greeted us when we arrived, told us all about the bar, its history and introduced us to his staff. Ryan: Someone once told me that a bar is only as good as its owner. Drew: Who told you that? Ryan: I think it was Rick. Drew: Well… he just may be right about that. Taxi. Bed. Sleep. Large coffee in the a.m.  Want us to consider your favorite local hang out? Email us at info@drewandthewoo.com