Drew & The Woo: Part IX


Drew and The Woo is a regular Pineapple series that follows two young professionals as they look for the perfect night out in Delray Beach. They’ll need a happy hour, a sub-20-buck dinner, some live music and a late-night hot spot. Call it a scavenger hunt, bar crawl or even a mild bender. Either way – you’re going to want to follow in their footsteps. At the end of the year, Drew and The Woo (Drew Tucker & Ryan Boylston) will select their top choice for each category and invite the whole city to come out and join them for “The Best Night Out In Downtown Delray.” HAPPY HOUR SOLITA ITALIAN RESTAURANT

A trend setting Italian dining venue known for gracefully blending a laid back lounge atmosphere with chic décor and a club-esque bar scene. Drew: Please tell me we’re going to eat here? Ryan: By now I think we’ve learned that a great happy hour is nothing without great food. So yes… we’ll be eating. Drew: No need to see a menu; bring on the meatballs. Ryan: Whoa, whoa. Clearly you don’t go to Solita without ordering the meatballs, but let’s at least expand our knowledge and taste buds a little bit. How about an Eggplant Stack and Bruchetta? Drew: And meatballs. Ryan: And meatballs. While we wait, let’s enjoy the half priced cocktails and very lively crowd, mostly young professionals looking to get (slightly) off “The Ave.” Drew: Aside from the meatballs, that might be my favorite part about Solita, its location. Nicely tucked away in Pineapple Grove and yet just a few steps off Atlantic Ave, Solita has three distinct dining areas, the lounge, the bar and the restaurant. Ryan: Two distinct “atmosphere’s” is about standard these days. Three is totally overachieving. Drew: Speaking of overachieving – this Eggplant Stack has just set a new bar for bar food. See what I did there? Ryan: Yes, very clever. But seriously, Solita kills it with fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella, and a thick slice of tomato piled three stories high. Then they pour over the red sauce like a big stack of Italian pancakes. Drew: Italian pancakes…. mmmmmmm.

DINNER FOR UNDER $20 SPOT COFFEE Known for its delicious coffee and outgoing staff, Spot Coffee is one of the few counter service restaurants downtown that’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu features wraps, sandwiches and pizzas all day long. Ryan: Kind of strange to be here at night, no? Drew: I agree. Between the two of us we easily visit Spot Coffee a dozen times a week, generally during the morning rush for java or for lunch.

Ryan: Well, it is the place to meet in Delray and they do have the best coffee. Drew: Best coffee, best staff and best dinner waffles. Ryan: Okay, so you’re going from “Italian Pancakes” to “dinner waffles?” Drew: Sure. Why not? The great thing about Spot is that their entire menu is always available. Ryan: Well, I’ll be splitting a few pizzas with our participating readers tonight. Little known fact… Spot Coffee has one of the best pies in Delray. Drew: I hear you, but where else can you have breakfast for dinner downtown? It’s too tempting to pass up. Ryan: Especially for under $20 including drink, tax and tip.

LIVE MUSIC JOHNNIE BROWN’S  This famous railroad side bar is known for it’s live music and covered outdoor dining. You can’t miss the sound of this place on Friday and Saturday night.

Drew: I love the classic rock, old school bar feel of this spot and the live concerts playing on the TV. I’m in the mood for live music the second I walk in the door. Ryan: Is that Rush in concert on four LCD televisions? I’m in heaven. They should cancel the band, turn up the sound and call it a night. Let’s go all YYZ on this place. Drew: No, man, no. Even the greatest live concert screened via Netflix doesn’t compare to catching a real live bar band. Thereisnoreplacing“live.” Ryan: Okay, okay. So who do we have tonight, Tom Sawyer? Drew: Tonight’s band is Steel Pulse, a cover band that likes to get the crowd involved with their multigenerational playlist. The two lead singers go back and fourth while riling up the audience enough to get them to grab the wireless microphone and sing along. Ryan: Sounds like they have the Spirit of Radio. Drew: Are you only going to chime in with Rush references? Ryan: Hey, I’m just a Working Man buddy. Drew: Very funny. Ryan: Just keeping things real… or as some say… Closer to the Heart. Drew: Now you’re reaching. Ryan: I’ll stop if you tell our readers how Johnnie Brown’s got its name. Drew: Anything to stop the Rush references. Oddly enough, “Johnnie Brown” was the name of Addison Mizner’s, of Boca Raton fame, pet monkey. Supposedly he loved great food and live music. Johnnie was, like, one of the locals. He even ran for mayor in the 20’s, if you can believe that?

Ryan: Hey, even monkeys deserve Free Will man. Drew: You just had to get one more in there, huh?

LATE NIGHT SPOT HYATT PLACE The new, beautiful, chic and urban hotel in Delray Beach, The Hyatt Place features over 130 rooms, a rooftop pool, a full bar and even delicious Starbuck’s coffee, 24/7. Drew: An unexpected addition, but one I 100% approve of. Ryan: You know, when we walked past it the first time, I thought we should have gone in. I’m not about to pass by it again. Drew: It feels like we have our own bar. Our group of about 15 just stumbled into one of Delray’s newest (and soon to be exposed, I’m sure) secrets… “The Hyatt Bar.” Ryan: I’m not normally big on hanging at hotel bars, but this place is great. We have a stellar bartender, the remote to the television, plenty of seats for our guests and access to a pool.

Drew: Wait, scratch that last part. Ryan: Okay, I lied, no pool access. But plenty of people to play our new bar table game, “License Trivia.” Tell the people at home how it works Drew. Drew: Well Ryan, first you borrow a stranger’s license. Then everyone that wants to play throws a dollar on the bar. The host then asks questions pertaining to the chosen license. For example: “This licensed driver lives on a street named after a fruit. What fruit is it?” First one with the right answer gets a dollar from the pot. When the money is gone, the license goes back to its owner and a new game begins. Ryan: I’m calling it now. This is the next “Quarters”. The classic bar game has sat idle for long enough. Replaced by electronic games like Spot the Difference and Key West imports like Bimini Ring – bar table games have come and gone. Drew: License Trivia, an instant classic – just like the Hyatt Place. Wave.              Walk.                           Sleep. Want us to consider your favorite local hangout? Email us at info@drewandthewoo.com.