Eat Better Live Better Holds 5K At Town Center Mall


Staff report

Four years ago Debra Tendrich went on a transformation. She changed the way she ate and exercised, ultimately transitioning into a healthier lifestyle that resulted in losing 70 pounds.

Now, she is inspiring families to do the same through her company Eat Better Live Better.

In addition to her transformation, she said she changed the way her daughter ate, which she said helped alleviate her ADD. Tendrich’s overall goal is to help prevent, reduce and reverse childhood obesity.

To raise awareness to her cause, she is holding a 5K walk/run at the Boca Town Center Mall on April 30. The event begins at 7:30 a.m. There will be a youth mile for kids who want to participate.

Wanting to help other families after she completed her transformation in 2013, she said she began speaking in schools about how kids can make healthier eating decisions. But she said that wasn’t making too much of a difference because their parents are the ones who make the food purchases. So, she took it further than the schools and created a program last year that involves the helping families and workshops that help businesses and cities.

Her family program helps transition families into a healthy lifestyle in 90 days. The average cost for a family to participate is about $2,500, but can vary depending on family size.

For that cost, the family is assigned to a registered dietician, who will perform a nutritional analysis and a health risk assessment and review current eating habits. From there, they will create a 90-day nutritional plan for the family. They will take the family to the grocery store and help them read labels and shop on a budget. The family will also have access to workshops and fitness classes.

Proceeds from the 5K will help families in need of assistance from Eat Better Live Better. Before the 5K, there will be a party at event sponsor Trainerspace on April 8. Wear all white and enjoy food, open bar and a live concert by Adrianna Foster and dance show by Digital Vibez. Tickets cost $15 in advance and $20 at the door. The event will take place from 6 p.m. to midnight.

In addition to helping families, Tendrich has created workshops that can help businesses and city leaders.

She said most cities preach the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, but often they don’t know how or aren’t practicing a healthy lifestyle at home. To help, she created a workshop for people who deal with community members on a day-to-day basis. She said the program helps inform people why they should care about promoting a healthy lifestyle and helps them work with people looking for information.

She also created a workshop for businesses looking to motivate their employees and increase productivity during the workday. In addition, she is working on creating an incentive program for elementary schools in Palm Beach County to implement to help kids choose healthy options in the lunch line.

That aspect is challenging she said because from an early age kids are taught to associate good behavior with unhealthy food like a pizza party in school as a reward or cake at a birthday party.

“Maybe they will select an apple instead of apple juice,” she said.

The April events will help sponsor families who need help paying for the 90 day program and help pay for educational materials for the community workshops.

For tickets to the party at Trainerspace, visit To sign up for the 5K,