From the editor’s notebook: Our slice of paradise


By: Jeff Perlman Editor in Chief
When you’re involved in the media, you meet a lot of interesting people.
Our frustration—and it’s a good one to have—is trying to find the time and space to write about all the interesting people and happenings in Boca Raton and Delray Beach.
There are stories everywhere you look. We live in a fascinating place.
Here’s a few that caught our eye this month.
In this issue, you’ll read about the new Silverball Museum.
Owner Rob Ilvento has brought a bit of the New Jersey shore to Delray Beach with the addition of his business.
This is the type of business a downtown needs because it is something to do for people of all ages. We wish Rob and Silverball Museum luck.
Is it just us or is Boca on a roll?
From corporate relocations (welcome Orange Theory) and mentions in national publications to news of gains at FAU and Lynn University to teen entrepreneurs appearing on Shark Tank, the city certainly is making some noise.
I attribute some of the momentum to the city’s mindset: which is ambitious, aspirational and brimming with civic pride.
Yes, we know everybody isn’t thrilled and that the city suffers from the usual ills, but there’s a lot happening in Boca and it’s mostly good news. From property values and job creation to education and entrepreneurial efforts Boca has it going on.
For a former mayor of a neighboring city to write these words may seem unnatural but truth be told I really like Boca. Oh I like my city too, and feel enormous pride in Delray’s achievements but I’m pleased to say we have a great neighbor.
Back in the day, former Boca Mayor and now County Commissioner Steven Abrams and I had a friendly rivalry. We even debated once and were depicted on the cover of the Boca News wearing boxing gloves.
I assure you it was all friendly. We are good and complementary neighbors and I sincerely believe our respective assets strengthen our shared community.
But while Boca has been impressive for a while now, it seems to me that they have kicked it up a notch these days. The seeds are flowering and the city is quickly becoming one of the hottest small cities in America.
Again, I think the key to success is an aspirational mindset. When cities aspire, they inspire. And when they inspire they attract people who endeavor to make things happen. It’s a virtuous cycle. And momentum brings success. Boca has momentum now. The future may have some bumps, but it will be bright.
Keep an eye on Lynn
Those who watch this space will quickly figure out that we are fans of Lynn University.
That’s why we are over the top excited to share the news that Lynn is embarking on creating an innovative real estate school and closing in on a plan to establish an entrepreneurial and academic presence in downtown Delray Beach.
Stay tuned.
Lynn brings creativity and connections including a cool new alliance with Wyncode, an amazing program that trains people to code.
And the Oscar goes too…
Speaking of creative, kudos to the Delray Downtown Development Authority for their new video series on life downtown.
You can find the videos on YouTube, our page on Facebook and on the DDA website.
The videos capture the energy of downtown Delray through the eyes of people who live, work, learn and play in the urban core. It makes your heart swell with pride.
Shop local
At Boca Delray Newspaper we are passionate advocates of shopping local.
While it is important to support local businesses and services year round it is doubly important to shop local during the slower summer months.
If you like our paper–and we sincerely hope you do–please consider supporting our advertisers.
A dollar spent locally makes a big difference to our economy.