Elev|8 Sports Institute Academy Teams With Lynn University to Offer Dual-Enrollment


Elev|8 Sports Institute and Lynn University have joined together to create a unique dual-enrollment program allowing qualified juniors and seniors in the Elev|8 Academy to earn up to 24 credits and potentially complete college in just three years. As part of the dual-enrollment program, students from the Delray Beach, Florida- based Elev|8 Academy attend nearby Lynn University every Tuesday and Thursday to take entry-level college courses. “The dual-enrollment program gives our students an advantage when it comes to getting into the college of their choice because they have already proven their ability to handle college-level coursework,” said Lisa Paolo, executive director of Academy Operations at the Elev|8 Sports Institute. “For our students, the experience of being college students while a junior or senior in high school is invaluable.” Juniors and seniors at the Academy – a full- time academic program designed to support student athletes in grades eight through 12 – must have at least a 3.0 high school grade point average in order to participate in dual enrollment. Currently, six Elev|8 students are taking classes at Lynn University. In addition to gaining college experience, dual-enrollment students can gain potential financial benefits from the program. “The dual-enrollment program makes it possible for our students to save the cost of a year of college tuition since they can get a degree in just three years,” Paolo said. Also, the cost of the dual enrollment program is fully covered in Elev|8’s regular $7,500 annual tuition. “This really is an outstanding program,” Paolo said. “There’s no other program like it that we know of.” ELEV|8 Sports Institute is a multi- sport training center offering a multitude of programs including a residential nine month academy program, professional athlete training, high intensity training camps, and other customized training opportunities. For additional information please visit www.ELEV8SportsInstitute.com.