by Christalyn Warner Here is a look into two of Delray’s breakfast eateries, Crepes by the Sea and Spot Coffee. At these two restaurants, the food speaks for itself. Though for those of you who have yet to go, I must do something to get you there and hopefully this article does the trick.

Under the little red awning just off of Atlantic Avenue, you will find Crepes by the Sea. A quaint little eatery, C by the Sea, as I like to call it, is sure to fit any craving. While staring at the menu, one must ponder the question, savory or sweet? That’s usually my dilemma, though savory wins most every time for me. Don’t get me wrong, the sweet crepes are a must-try, but the one I absolutely crave the most is the Cousteau Crepe. I don’t even bother looking at the menu any more now that I know what the best crepe on the menu is. Folded in half, drizzled with creme fraiche, sliced green onions, capers, smoked salmon and squeezed lemon juice, the Cousteau is too good to be true and needs nothing more than to be eaten. Once folded and plated, this super-savory crepe gets freshly grated lemon zest and one last drizzle of creme fraiche. Regardless of the choice you make, these crepes are incredible. I mean, how can something be so flat and so fluffy at the same time? They are the perfect palette for any ingredient.

Demar was so gracious, he made our crepes right in front of us. This process is beyond me, having tried a dozen times to make these super-thin pancakes. They always stick to the pan, break apart and end up in the garbage. C’est la vie. So when you find yourself craving something different for a change, stop in at Crepes by the Sea—they are perfect every time. The coffees are great too. I don’t know the house secret… but for some reason the cappuccino here has to be the best I’ve had on the Ave. And trust me, getting this girl to stray from my usual iced Americano is a difficult thing to accomplish. On the other end of Atlantic Avenue is a recent, warmly welcomed addition to our ever expanding neighborhood . . . Spot Coffee. I am sure you have seen this corner coffee shop walking or driving Atlantic Avenue, and it’s possible you already love Spot Coffee as much as I do. Of course they have amazing coffee, but the best part about Spot is their full-fledged kitchen, where the real magic happens. Not only do they make great sandwiches for lunch, they also masquerade as a pizza joint. But I’m not here to talk about Spot Coffee’s pizza, even though it is well worth talking about. I am here to talk Morning Grub. Spot serves a great breakfast. When you are in the mood for something sweet, order a waffle! They are divine. If you’re a purist, go the classic route with butter and syrup. And if you’re feeling decadent, order the Belgian Delight with fruit, whipped cream and caramel or chocolate. I am never in the mood that early in the morning, but I usually do find myself in the mood for an omelet.

I know, I know, a Delray Beach coffee shop that makes omelets?! It’s true. These things are massive. Splitting one is the way to go, unless you are a man or just have the appetite of one, then go for it! I get mine filled with Pepper Jack cheese or a little kick, sliced tomatoes, and spinach. They use big, thick-cut tomatoes, which make the omelet succulent and bursting at the seams. Accompanying this gorgeous spinach and tomato omelet, is your choice of bagel, English muffin or whole wheat focaccia. At this point there is only one choice, and for me that’s definitely the focaccia. You better make sure it’s toasted and buttered. With hints of salt and rosemary, you will be pleased with this super-delicious selection. They always add a fresh slice of fruit to balance the breakfast.

So not only do I love the omelets, Spot Coffee is the place I go to get the best iced Americano in Delray Beach. I am a sucker for big robust coffee and that’s what you get at Spot. Another choice drink to order is their iced coconut latte. It is subtle, sweet, surprising and perfect for summer. Breakfast in this “All-American town” just keeps getting better!