Fashion Tips for Steamy August


                          While the ‘60’s have resurfaced on runways and in clothing stores, the whole “naked hippie” thing still doesn’t fly, (nor is it legal or sanitary). And as the temperatures are flying high and our air conditioner’s working over-time, the want to wear nothing, or as little as possible, is major. Don’t sweat it though, Floridian’s. With answers to these local’s burning questions, you’ll get some style advice on how to maintain your composure and look fantastic, even as the sand scalds your feet and the sun melts your make-up. “My hair gets so frizzy in this humidity, I may as well skip the blow dryer. Any good styles that are chic and won’t make me look like I stuck my finger in a light socket?”

Carrie, Delray Beach


This is such a common complaint during these long, damp summer months. Most of us have invested in fancy blow dryers, anti-frizz products, shine serums, straightening shampoos, flat irons etc. Let’s face it, no matter how many products we slather on or how well we dry our hair, this time of year it generally looks like a fluffy mess after ten minutes outside. The good news, though, is that up-do’s are a Fashion Do, for day or evening. I’m personally a huge fan of the sleek ponytail. Translation, you don’t even have to plug in your blow dryer. Just pull your wet hair up, smooth any bumps and fluffs, and wrap with a cute, hair-friendly tie. Take the look one step further and braid the ponytail, (especially popular right now, the fish-tale braid). This look can easily go from day to night, think big, statement earrings to dress it up. Smooth fly away’s throughout the day with a light mousse or hair spray and feel the cool air (conditioning) on your neck. “I keep seeing “summer scarves” in all the stores but I think it’s too hot to wear something around my neck? Any suggestions?”

Marilyn, Delray Beach

Yes, summer scarves are a major trend, in bright colors, floral or tribal prints and lightweight, silk fabrics. But seriously, who wants something around their neck when it’s 100 degrees? It’s a bit like wearing a “summer turtleneck”…they must be kidding. My instinctual answer is this: save your scarves for cooler months. However, if you’re dying to tie on the trend, refer to question #1, for another solution to summer hair. Take the scarf off your neck, and put it on your head. You can use it is a headband, cover all your hair with it in “do-rag” fashion (also a great way to protect your hair color from the sun), or even weave it into your braid. Viola! Wearing summer scarves without over-heating your decollete. “If I’m coming from the beach or pool, is it appropriate to wear my bathing suit and cover-up out to eat?”

Kim, Delray Beach

I basically want to scream “NO!” to this question and be done with it. However, (deep breaths) this is South Florida and a beach town and we all love the relaxed vibe that has been cultivated here. So, I will make exceptions. But please, read carefully. If you’re out for lunch, preferably dining outside, wearing a bathing suit with a tasteful cover-up is totally acceptable. When I say tasteful I suppose I mean that you are not topless or (worse) bottomless and you’re also not soaking wet. A nice, gauzy dress is a perfect beach to lunch look. Say you’re having a snack at Burger Fii or Sandbar and then heading back to the beach. Okay, now it’s acceptable to wear shorts and your bathing suit top. Again, let’s not be soaking wet (unless you’re under the age of 12) and let’s realize that a towel is not clothing. On to dinner. Restaurants on the beach (Burger Fi, Sandbar, Boston’s) are somewhat acceptable places to dine in your beach attire. However, if you’re headed West of the Intercostal (City Oyster, Vic & Angelo’s, Salt) be mindful that some people are out to dine and won’t appreciate seeing your tan lines and smelling your sun-screen. Embrace the maxi-dress trend, the bevy of sundresses that are actually dresses or a romper and pack one in your beach bag. Choose a wrinkle-free fabric (i.e. not linen) and throw it on. Pack a few bracelets or some earrings and you’re all set. (Once again, topless or bottomless…NO. Wet…NO.) “In the summer, I feel like I basically wear the same outfit everyday, shorts and a tank top with flip-flops. How can I change it up, without changing much?”

Anne, Delray Beach

This is a fantastic question as many of us have a “Summer Uniform”. If you fall into a summer wardrobe rut, the best ways to change your look is with accessories. Choose funkier than usual jewelry, a chunky beaded necklace, for example, looks chic with a white tank top and doesn’t add any sweat- inducing layers. A hat is another fantastic and functional piece that will spice up your look. While protecting your face from the sun, hats also add major personality to an otherwise bland ensemble. If you’re style is totally simplistic in the summer months, try these two things to change it up: nail polish and wedges. Nail polish colors right now are BOLD and fun. Trying a new shade will give you a fresh feeling and update your look without rocking your style boat too much. Trading in your flip-flops and opting instead for a pair of wedges is another easy outfit updater. Wedges are generally comfortable and come in various heights. Choose one that works for you and give your outfit an upgrade, while also elongating your leg far more than your Havaianas. “Even in the summer, I still love denim. What are some styles that I can wear this time of year?”

Lexie, Delray Beach

It’s too hot for jeans. Fortunately for the denim junkie, jean shorts are all over this year and even come in bright colors and prints. Cut-off jean shorts are adorable and are super fashionable when paired with a basic tank or tee. They can even be dressed up with a pretty silk top and wedges for a girls’ night out. Rule of thumb, don’t wear daisy duke’s unless you’re Daisy Duke. Rigel Herman is the Manager of Atlantic Avenue boutique, Palm Beach Native Sun, a freelance stylist and closet re-organizer. She is also a die-hard follower of fashion. Ask her your questions by emailing her at: