Five Organic offers healthier alternative to sports drinks


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

Looking to nix all the sugar and artificial flavors in sports drinks? Try Five Organic, a 5-calorie beverage that is entirely organic.

Created by entrepreneurs Nadav Haimberg and Kara Clapp, the organic drink has nine ingredients including organic white tea and organic maqui berry, both known antioxidants. The other organic seven ingredients: coconut juice, lemon juice, stevia, erythritol, pectin, fruit juice and natural flavors.

There are no artificial dyes, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no sugars added. The sweet taste is from organic stevia only.

Served by the bottle, three flavors Crimson Grape, Honeycrisp Apple and Georgia Peach are available in Publix and Whole Foods stores. Total, Five Organic has a dozen flavors.

Five Organic hit the shelves of Publix in Sept. 2018 with three flavors, grape, apple and peach. It took the duo about 18 months to come up with the concept and create the beverage.

Peach is the best-seller, but not by much. Apple is just 1 percent point behind.

They were able to work quickly in developing Five Organic because it is not their first experience bringing a beverage to market. They were also behind Onli, a premium chef-inspired sparkling drink served in a glass bottle.

When it came time to created Five Organic, they realized that the market had a void. It was missing a healthy hydration option that wasn’t artificially flavored and loaded up with sugar.

The electrolytes in the beverage come from potassium rather than sodium. The ingredients are sustainable, GMO-free, sourced in America, kosher and gluten free. The packaging is BPA free.

Five Organic can be found in the water aisle.

They estimate they have sold about 1 million bottles this past year. They were just picked up by Anheuser-Busch’s distribution system, so the goal is to expand where you can purchase Five Organic.

“We want to go from Publix and Whole Foods to everywhere else,” Haimberg said.

As expansion continues, the team is looking for investors. Ideally, they would like to bring on local investors since they are based in South Florida.

They said the company is profitable and carries no debt. They said they have been successful at a rapid rate, but know they are up against giants like Coca-Cola’s Powerade and Pepsi’s Gatorade.

Haimberg said about 400 new beverage concepts are introduced every year. They hope they have found their niche in the market that will take them to the next level.