Flicks And Flak


By: Fran Marincola Special to the Delray Newspaper

First let me congratulate the winner in the recent city election. I wish all the candidates the best and sincerely thank them for running….It is a tiring task and “too Damn hard” as  Al Pacino says in  Scent of a woman.

Now onto the flicks.

Winters Bone: This was Jennifer Laurence’s first big film. It was a critically acclaimed movie that got an Oscar nomination but generally was not popular. It only grossed $16 million. The film explores poverty, family and meth labs in the backwoods of Oklahoma. The film producers originally rejected Laurence because they thought she was too pretty. As a teenager she is taking care of her mentally sick mom and two younger siblings. Her dad is out on bail for manufacturing  meth, but he cannot be found. The family will lose 100 acres of virgin timber if he doesn’t show up for court.

She goes on a hunt to track him down via “family” members that make the Mafia look tame. She must bring him in or prove him dead. I told you too much already—-great movie and ending, it is Laurence’s finest film in my opinion.

Second; Finding Forester, starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown is a film loosely based on a recluse author similar to J.D.Salinger, but it is a fictional story.

A 16-year-old Jamal Wallaceis portrayed by Rob Brown. On a dare, Jamal goes to Forrester’s(Sean Connery) apartment and gets caught. He tells Forrester, without knowing who he is, that he want to be a writer. Forrester tells him to write a 5,000 word essay on “why Jamal should stay the hell out of his apartment.”

Jamal does, leaves it on his doorstep and hence begins the start of an unbelievable, intense, friendship. The story is about integrity and being true to yourself. Not to go too far, but every time I watch it I learn something new about the film. It is family friendly and should be on your must watch list.

Third, but far from last, is “Eastern Promises” starring Viggo Mortenson, Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel, who plays Fredo in Godfather, and one of my favorite actors Armin Mueller-Stahl.

It is about a sex trafficking ring in and around London. The ring’s leader is Mueller and they are career Russian criminal. Watts plays a nurse and takes a homeless infant home with her from the hospital where the prostitute mom dies. She then knows too much as the baby has DNA that is traceable, which is not good for Watts.

There is a big surprise, I love surprise endings,  to the film, but my favorite scene is a naked fight between Viggo and two assassins with knives. Talk about an exciting fight -WOW! Enjoy it—action packed but real stuff.

P.S.: I was six for six with the Oscars predictions when I turned the TV off. The next morning, make that five out of six—I was robbed—just saying.