Follow a Local Fave: “Christina’s”


Delray Beach local Christina Betters, owner of Christina’s Restaurant in Pineapple Grove, has kept her momentum through all of Downtown’s many changes. The consistency in her point of view over the years has earned her the local following she has today. Christina’s breakfast and lunch niche is exactly what Delray needs, as is obvious by the steady stream of patron’s through her doors. Her history may surprise, being that she is on her fourth Delray location to date.

Christina’s Greek heritage and family background of owning diners has made the grueling restaurant industry somewhat like home for her. You can see her heritage strewn about her menu, Spanikopita with Greek Salad and Avgolemono soup are just a few menu items that infuse Greek flavors and pay homage to her roots.

Having lunch at Christina’s is a sure treat. I love the California veggie melt and her soup is to die for. The lemony chicken soup has such depth. Where else can you find a soup that people come in for when they are under the weather? Some of Christina’s customers have a longstanding history of coming in for the Avgolemono when their children aren’t feeling well. And breakfast at Christina’s is always Fantastic. The Egg White Omelet with spinach, tomato and feta is my personal favorite. I don’t know how she does it, but I order that omelet often and it is fluffy and perfect every time. The Twilight Burrito, eggs and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with sour cream and salsa, simply amazing. And for the sweet tooth who loves morning pancakes and french toast, her Banana Cinnamon Nut French Toast will send you over the moon. Right about now you might be asking yourself, what is Christina’s history? Well before the Christina’s we now know and love on 2nd Avenue in Pineapple Grove, Christina was once the head server at Peter’s Stone Crabs. This is where she got her start on Atlantic Avenue, and for those of you who have a long running love affair with Atlantic Ave., you know that Peter’s used to be in the location where Gol! Brazilian Steakhouse now resides.

After her long stint at Peter’s, she then moved onto her first restaurant venture. This café was in the location of the Atlantic Starbucks next to The Office, named Twilight Café. For those of you who don’t know, it was a small café serving breakfast, lunch and Italian style dinner on the weekends. After spending what were a few years at Twilight, Christina then moved over to Gleason Street Café near the beach. She took over the already established business and maintained it long enough for people to walk into Christina’s and still talk about some of the Gleason Street fare. Like the cashew chicken salad, which can be found on her menu even today. With the success of Gleason behind her, Christina decided to go a little bit bigger. An idea was born, in that little pocket on the east side of 2nd Ave., where Solita’s and House of Siam are Located. This is where the original Christina’s first opened. It was located next to Solita’s when it was Kyoto, that delicious restaurant with amazing sushi. The original Christina’s is where her menu really took shape and her signature dishes flourished, like the Avgolemono soup, the California Veggie Melt, and those deliciously fluffy omelets. Her loyal breakfast and lunch crowd know these signature dishes well. When it comes to consistency, she is on it. Breakfast has to be one of the most difficult meals to execute properly and she does it with finesse. There is a lot to be said about a woman who owns her own restaurant and cooks in it everyday. Christina has a lot of heart and passion for food and it shines through in each delicious bite. After five years at her original location, Christina felt her restaurant was a little too big for her liking. She closed her restaurant and after a little hiatus, the New Christina’s was built, in the little shopping plaza in Pineapple Grove. Where the mimosas are always delicious and the coffee cups have great sayings. This restaurant has charm and food you can count on being cooked to perfection every time you come in. May Christina’s stay for a long time. . . her food is just that good!