Murph Rolls Into Prime


“Rollin with Murph” is one of The Food Beat’s original programs that feature Delray Beach restaurants. The show stars Danny Murphy, a professional actor who has appeared in several major motion pictures including “There’s something about Mary,” “Kingpin,” “Shallow Hall,” “Hall Pass,” and “Me, myself, and Irene.” Like all Food Beat programs, the focus is on the restaurant, its people, its menu and its unique attributes. In “Rollin with Murph,” Danny who is a chair user, explores the accessibility attributes of the establishment for people in chairs, walkers and strollers. One of the great things about doing a show on The Food Beat is I get to eat at some of Delray Beach’s best restaurants and meet some really interesting people. My visit to Prime on iconic Atlantic Avenue is no exception. Like many Atlantic Ave haunts, there are some significant mobility challenges, but none that would prevent a chair user, a walker user, or someone with a baby stroller from enjoying this vintage style supper club. I got to spend some time with Prime’s Executive Chef, John David Hensley, who has quite a story in his own right. It’s obvious how much passion Chef David pours into his work, and how deeply rooted service is in his life. After mastering his craft while working at one of the most predominant Long Island restaurants, Chef David came to Delray and developed a love affair with the village by the sea. Chef David has rubbed elbows with many big name chefs and even told me he has a picture of him in bed with Julia Childs. I asked the obvious question, but never got a real answer. No kiss and tell in the kitchen eh? Prime’s menu is what you would expect from an upscale restaurant on Atlantic Ave… an elegant interior with marble, chandeliers, and dim lighting. The staff is friendly, attentive, and dressed accordingly. The bar area is very laid back and on weekends, they have a live pianist who adds to the New York state of mind Prime exudes. Prime also does its best to make sure anyone can enjoy their fine offerings by offering a $ 10.00 lunch special, and a joyful happy hour featuring martini’s and appetizers that won’t break the bank. They even have a special gathering they call Prime Society for late night dining. Prime is steak, seafood, and sushi…so it reads on their sign. So it only made sense that I get to experience the best of what Prime has to offer, and boy did I! The filet I had was, well, should I say Prime? One of the best cuts of meat I have ever enjoyed and served with sweet potato puree and asparagus…sensational. Chef David also brought out a special dessert. It was Chocolate Mousse, complete with candied antlers. Nice touch. Now let’s get back to that mobility challenge I spoke about earlier. Like most Atlantic Avenue locations, parking and front door accessibility are less than ideal. It took me almost 15-minutes to get to the restaurant from where I had to park which was a public lot down the street. Secondly, unless I had been tipped off on where to enter Prime, I would have never known. There is a back door, but the easement leading up to it is rather steep, and there is no automatic door opener. Thankfully, a Prime staffer was there to open it for me. Once inside, all was good. Plenty of room to navigate my chair, restrooms were very accessible, and the staff knew how to treat me. Now even though Prime presented some mobility challenges, there are some solutions they could employ that would make it an even better experience for anyone with a mobility challenge. One would be to have some kind of signage in front to let us know where and how we can get into the building. Secondly, an automatic door opener at the back door would make getting in much simpler, even with the less than ideal slope. Another mobility challenge Prime gets a high grade for is how the staff engaged with me. Too often, when a chair user comes into a business, the staff is unprepared to make them feel at home. Prime’s staff was gracious and treated me like one of the boys. In fact, they treated me like I was Brad Pitt or something. Geesh. I’ll be rolling back to Prime early and often. You should too. To see the Rollin with Murph episode featuring Prime, visit Prime 110 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach 561.865.5845