Fooled or Wise, Pineapple Readers Take Fake News Story in Stride


By Darien Arden The Pineapple Contributing Writer Tricked you. Ha ha. In the wake of the April Fools’ aftermath, many of you finally realized The Pineapple got you good. This wily staff goes way beyond Saran Wrap on toilets, dear faithful readers, and this year you happened to get the brunt of the joke. If you’re just now new to the “North Boca” hoax, The Pineapple, following a time-honored newspaper tradition, planted a fake “news” story on April Fool’s Day detailing how the city of Boca Raton purchased the city of Delray Beach and was planning to rename it “North Boca Raton.” Many of you made it to the punch line before allowing your blood pressure to climb to skyscraper heights, but some succumbed to the “what if” idea wholeheartedly. After taking a gander at The Pineapple’s Facebook page, you can certainly smell the appreciation in the room, good and bad. Some could recognize the joke: “Glad to hear this was an April Fools’ joke. You got me!” “This really had me going…until I turned the page. I was ready to put my house up for sale, lol…” …and some couldn’t: “I don’t think this is funny if it’s a joke. It’s sad/ pathetic that you came up with something like this…” “Nice way to reduce your credibility and readership.” Reduce readership? Nope. The Pineapple’s Facebook page rivaled that of Kim Kardashian’s page, reaching more than 2,000 people with that single post. Not to mention the online story saw over 5,000 views in the first 24 hours. The real mystery is finding why everyone was so upset. What Delray Beach – you don’t like good schools? Is Boca Raton perceived as a city-wide retirement home whereas Delray Beach was just voted “Most Fun Small Town in America?” Both cities have an identity of their own and it’s clear the respective populations aren’t equally interested in joining forces. To each his own, fair and square. The clincher though was the element of surprise. POW, right in the kisser! Why would Delray Beach be up for sale? No one has ever heard of this before, and it’s now past the decision phase? Betrayal, anger and resentment abound. A quick call to the City of Delray Beach connects me with Katie Perez, who’s worked for the City for about three years. “A lot of Delray Beach residents called panicking, saying ‘I’m moving! I’m moving’,” Perez said. “Most people were really upset but relieved that it wasn’t true.” She said she answered at least 30 calls regarding the article that day, speaking with residents who were clearly not happy. Amidst laughter, Perez tells me she actually thought the article was kind of funny. All happy callers revealed them to be Boca Raton residents inquiring about buying up real estate in Delray Beach (just kidding).