Four Terrible T’s: Tummy, Tush, Tri’s And Thighs


By: Christine King Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

The four coveted yet nearly impossible areas for most women to banish burn or flattened. Fear not, there is hope! However, this “hope” requires your help and dedication. There are numerous contributing factors as to why the Four T’s are troublesome. For many, age begets reduced activity, roller coaster hormones, increased stress (cortisol), and a hectic lifestyle, which creates a perfect recipe for the increase of subcutaneous and visceral fat.

What does that mean? When you awake one morning and happen to glance in the mirror while fastening your necklace you’re horrified at the appendage hanging from underneath your arms.  Where and when did THAT show up? Well, over time due to the reasons above, the fat accumulating over your triceps muscle, under the skin has taken on a life of its own. Its name is not “Bye Bye Muscles,” “Grandma Arms,” or even “Bat Wings.” It’s subcutaneous fat.

Age and inactivity also invite visceral fat, subcutaneous’s cousin. When you’re no longer able to fasten your trousers, it’s likely the two cousins are having a party in your abdomen. Visceral fat wraps around your internal organs and is not only toxic; it contributes to more serious medical conditions, including inflammation.

The other T’s, Tush and Thighs are subcutaneous fat. Hence the lovely word, cellulite.

A plan of attack is necessary to banish these pesky cousins. It’s widely known cardiovascular activity is essential to burn fat. Toning exercises tighten the musculature hiding beneath the fat. So how does a busy woman devise a strategy to combat the Terrible T’s? Life gets in the way of taking care of ourselves. It’s time to take control, open your calendar and get ready to schedule!

This program takes a lot less time than you think. Many feel they need to spend hours in the gym to attack the T’s. Implementing a three day/week circuit program efficiently tackles these areas in both time and technique. As a bonus, no gym needed!

Day One: Triceps Chair Dips



Side Lunges

Day Two: Triceps Kickbacks with a rubber tube or weights

Sumo Squats (Plié squats)

Reverse Crunches


Day Three: Skull Crushers with a rubber tube or weights



Diagonal Lunges

Our website has both photos and video of all of the above movements. There are no hard and fast rules. Use a stability ball, BOSU, hand weights, rubber tubing, and any tool that you find enjoyable, AND that mixes up the routine.

What about sets and reps? If you are not currently exercising, begin slowly. Start with eight to ten reps and one set. As you feel stronger each week, you’ll be motivated to add more reps and sets. Until working up to a rotation of 15-20 reps and three sets of each movement this program may not elevate your heart rate enough to qualify for fat burning. Be patient. Know that every rep and set is bringing you closer to banishing the Terrible T’s!

It’s no secret the role of nutrition in the speed of your results. The same approach applies. Slow and steady wins the race.  Unless you’re eating fast food daily, there’s no need for drastic changes. Take one day at a time and enjoy your healthy (healthier) meals.

Summer will be here in a flash and the four Terrible T’s are featured most in summer fashions (Ahem, bathing suits). Remain confident knowing if you start now you’ll look and feel more sexy and confident about your appearance, and you’ll transform the Terrible T’s into the Terrific T’s!

I’d love to hear your results and accomplishments. Please feel free to drop me a line after implementing this strategy for six weeks.

Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and Founder of YourBestFit. The health and wellness company has helped thousands of clients recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall well-being.