Game Changer Suits for Seniors program provides professional wear for graduating students


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
If you look the part, you can feel the part.
That’s part of the message behind the Suits for Seniors program, which provides a suit to a graduating high school senior along with life skills the students can take with them on their next chapter.
The less than a year old program was started by Jervonte Edmonds who combined his love
of suits with his desire to help kids.
“My passion is working with kids and suits,” he said. “I will wear a suit anywhere, so I combined my two passions.”
Currently, Edmonds works for State Rep. Bobby Powell Jr. as a legislative aide. He also serves on Delray’s Education Board.
But just dressing well doesn’t mean you have all the answers and Edmonds knows that. So along with receiving a new look, the program provides lessons on leadership skills, professional skills and life skills.
During 30-minute segments before or after school, experts come in to teach the seniors about different topics from interviewing skills to what to do with your money once you have a job.
Topics include how to write a resume, why it is important to look someone in the eye during an interview and how to properly shake someone’s hand. Speakers come from the police department and financial institutions and discuss ways to prepare for a successful future, Edmonds said.
He said he wants speakers to touch on subjects he wishes he knew more about when he was an 18-year-old high school senior.
So far, the program has been in several Palm Beach County schools since it began in December. Seniors from Delray’s Atlantic Community High School and Village Academy have participated.
Edmonds said he loves seeing the kids engage with the speakers.
“It makes me happy when they are learning,” he said.
But, he said nothing can top the look on the seniors’ faces when they put on their suit.
“When they first put the suit on it’s like ‘Yes, I look good,’” he said. “Their confidence is doubled. It’s amazing the confidence they have when they put suit on.”
He estimates they have provided around 250 suits to seniors.
Edmonds said the program targets the schools that need the program the most. He said he is also looking for more sponsors and volunteers to help.
“We are accepting volunteers to speak on all different types of topics,” he said. “We need parents to get more involved, we want teachers, we want families. We want to make it about the community being involved and building students.”
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