Give Dad the Gift of Better Hearing


This Father’s Day, it’s important to remember that a father suffering from hearing loss isn’t the only one affected. Hearing health affects every aspect of family life. Unaddressed hearing loss makes it tougher for dads to connect with their children and grandchildren, heightens frustration and irritation in the home, and undermines family relationships. It often leads to a sense of isolation, and to considerable negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects that go well beyond hearing alone. According to studies by the Better Health Institute, six out of 10 people affected with hearing loss are men, and 31 million people in the United States have hearing loss. That’s 15 percent of baby boomers and 33 percent of seniors. Fortunately, 95 percent of hearing loss is treatable with hearing instruments. Questions for Determining If Your Dad Might Need Hearing Instruments

  • Does he seem to have trouble hearing on the telephone?
  • Is it more difficult for him to follow conversations?
  • Does he keep turning up the TV or radio?
  • Does he sometimes miss a telephone ring or doorbell?
  • Does he seem more irritated or tired at big family gatherings?
  • Does he ask for things to be repeated or for people to stop mumbling?

If the answer to some of these questions is yes, a hearing check is an important next step. To recognize the importance of hearing the Doctors of Audiology at Hearing Partners are offering a complimentary hearing check for your dad and any member of the family. Men love their power tools. But when it comes to hearing, men often shy away from the one power tool that could boost their hearing, conquer noisy environments, and overcome competing sounds. The newest hearing instruments are sleek, sophisticated devices that are scientifically engineered to provide unparalleled sound quality in various hearing environments. Many fit comfortably in the ear and are virtually invisible. For more information on hearing loss prevention and treatment or to schedule your complimentary appointment, contact Hearing Partners conveniently located in Delray Beach 561-638-6530 and Boynton Beach 561- 736-6002.