High School Youth Train to Project Best Image FSB Mens / FashionMenswear introduces an inspirational marketing campaign, Go Gentlemen! and plans to partner with all of Palm Beach County high school youth programs. The Go Gentlemen! campaign will train high school youth on practical ways to project their best image and teach style tips on how to dress properly for every occasion. FSBMens/FashionMenswear has created a program for High School students throughout Palm Beach County. Students will visit the store, meet with a fashion stylist and receive a digital image, taken with their own mobile device, to use for their professional resumes, college applications and/or professional social media profile photos. “We are giving knowledge away. We believe that it is crucial for our young men to project their best image when preparing for the workforce and/or furthering their education after high school. We are excited to provide practical life skills for youth on topics such as: How to dress appropriately for every occasion, How to tie a tie and How to press a shirt”, says founder, Giovanni Marquez. The “Go Gentlemen! training program will encourage student athletes to develop valuable life skills as they transition from young men into gentlemen” stated head football coach T.J. Jackson from Atlantic High School in Delray Beach. FSBMens/ FashionMenswear is an importer and designer of fashion menswear and fine footwear. The flagship store is located at: 515 E Ocean Avenue Downtown Boynton Beach, Florida has been in business for 45 years. Store hours are Monday-Saturday10am- 7pm EST. With a brand portfolio that includes Giovanni Marquez, named after the company’s founder, FSBMens/ FashionMenswear, is a leader in high-quality men’s tailored clothing and sportswear, formalwear including suits and tuxedos, signature shirts and slacks, denim collections, ties, socks, accessories and leather footwear. Merchandise is available to consumers worldwide through our websites: FashionMenswear.com, FSBMens.com and GiovanniMarquez.com Local: 561.736.9977 / Toll Free: 800.790.9977 FSBMens/ FashionMenswear will be giving a FREE VIP membership ($100 value) to the students of Palm Beach County High Schools. Membership includes: Club pricing, Discount alerts, Birthday incentives, Referral credits, Trunk shows, Personalized fashion stylist, Personal shopper, Wedding and special event consultant, Complimentary alterations and tailoring. VIP membership was created to exceed shopper expectations, build brand loyalty and create lifelong customers.