Great Food: It’s All in the Family!


By Kay Renz Special to The Pineapple

For most restaurateurs when a new establishment opens across the street, they consider it competition. But not Joseph Boueri. The owner of Joseph’s Wine Bar and Café in Pineapple Grove was excited to see Bistro 241 recently open, because the owner is his son Elie. “We love Pineapple Grove and when the space on the other side of 2nd Avenue opened, I was thrilled that Elie decided to create his own establishment there,” said Joseph. “There is great synergy between our restaurants. I have been in business for five years, and Elie worked here during that time, and got to know both the business and our guests. Now, we can offer them two different experiences. And while our concepts are different, we both focus on serving incredible food and treating our guests as family,” And being part of the Boueri family is a good thing. The tight-knit Lebanese- American clan, which also includes Joseph’s wife Margaret, a chef trained in the south of France, and his daughter Romy, who manages the bar, have lived in Europe and Canada, but they came to South Florida a few years ago and fell in love with Delray Beach. “I had been in the banking industry for years,” said Joseph. “But a while back, I became involved with restaurant management. I really enjoyed it and since my wife was a chef and I loved to cook as well, we thought we would create intimate space where we would entertain our guests just like they were our family.”

In 2008, they opened an elegant and romantic seven table restaurant in Pineapple Grove. The private dining room ambiance includes beautiful chandeliers, granite tables, 2000 wine bottles lining the wall and a lovely granite bar. The four family members ran everything, with Joseph and Margaret creating incredible continental dishes with Middle Eastern influences, while Elie and Romy waited on the guests and helped them select wines which run in price from $30 to $20,000 a bottle. During the past five years, Joseph’s has garnered an array of critical kudos from guests and reviewers alike who praise he and his wife’s personalized renditions of lobster bisque, tabouli salad, rack of lamb, baklava and a variety of nightly specials. “I learned so much from my years working with my family at Joseph’s that I wanted to expand and grow,” said Elie, who holds a degree in engineering. “Bistro 241 showcases American/Mediterranean dishes, seats 100 and offers a full service bar. But our philosophy of how we treat our guests is the same….it’s like eating in our home.” “I am so grateful to be able to open my restaurant here in Pineapple Grove right across from my Dad’s place,” said Elie. “I own several properties on the block, and I feel this is a dynamic, exciting, fun area of Delray. I am a tremendous advocate of how we are growing this section of our community, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

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