Hair Italian Style


By Dianne E. Adams Special to The Pineapple I had the opportunity to spend some time in Italy recently. Although I was there for vacation, the hairstylist in me could not help but check out the Italian hair and fashion. Just looking at the Italian women I thought… wow they look amazing. Although they always looked beautiful and finished, they also looked like they didn’t even try to look that great. I thought I would see many avant garde styles and wild colors, I did not. What I saw was so much more. It was an ease with themselves and the way they looked. Looking from the outside it felt like they knew they had a secret and they were not telling. It felt like they spent no time on their hair and it always looked great. Upon that realization I set out to check out salons to see what they were up to. I wanted to bring this intangible feeling back with me to the U.S. for all of my clients. I started dropping into salons along my path and what I found was so surprising. Since the look is effortless I thought the salons might be effortless as well. Walking in I noticed just how serious these establishments were. There was no joking around, not a lot of chatter or clutter. What I did see was very straight forward, hard work. Yes, the employees and clients seemed happy to be there, but everyone was focused on what they were doing or having done. What I realized was that it would be impossible to bring that intangible “thing” back with me to the U.S. because it was not a technique, a color line or styling product. It was feeling good about themselves. Not over thinking….what am I going to wear, or does my hair look perfect today? These beautiful women had their monthly or weekly hair appointments booked for a year in advance. They took the time to make certain the basics were in place. Are my roots showing? Are my highlights down around my ears? Does my haircut look like my neighbor’s shaggy dog? Once these things are in order, the rest is easy. Get up, get yourself ready, don’t take yourself so seriously. Realize that you already look fantastic. Take a look in the mirror, fix your hair, fix your makeup, but most of all, fix the way you look at yourself and realize that you probably don’t see the beauty that the rest of the world sees. Let that effortless Italian style carry you through your day and remember that you also have a secret you’re not telling too! Dianne E. Adams is owner-stylist of Studio Seven Hair in Pineapple Grove. Visit