Hair Styles: New Year, New Hair, Why Not?


By Dianne E. Adams Special to The Pineapple Have you been looking in the mirror for the last 365 days and saying… I need to do something? You may not know exactly what you want to do, so you have been putting it off for a long time. Maybe you just broke up with your beau or you are looking for that dream job. Whatever the reason, it is the time for big, or even not so big changes. When I am doing a client’s hair, whether it is a new color, a few highlights, a new shaggy cut, or a full head of extensions, I can see the excitement in their eyes. Something powerful happens when you walk into a salon looking one way, and walk out looking another. It may sound over, the top but it can really change your life. There are lots of fun hair trends for 2014 and the great thing is you can pick and choose what works best for you. When you book your appointment tell you stylist that you need some extra time for a consultation because you’re looking for a change. Look at magazines and the internet for ideas that you may be interested in. Together you can formulate a plan to make some fantastic changes in 2014. You have the option to do it all at once, or feel free to take your time and change your look over a few appointments. Your stylist will know what kind of girl you are and how far they can push the envelope. It is our job to push the envelope, but feel free to push back, but remember, change is good. While it may be scary, the results will be exciting and fresh. There are lots of hair trends for 2014, and not all of them are for every person. Color trends are bolder, meaning highlights are less subtle and more in your face. If you have hair that is over all one color, that color is bolder as well. No middle of the road browns this year. It’s all or nothing. The beauty of this is you have the power to change as much or as little as you want, and you will feel differently about yourself. Moving on to the cut, bobs are always en vogue, however this year asymmetrical bobs are making a big comeback. Have your stylist cut 2 inches different on one side and swoop the other towards your face and you will rock this look. My personal fave is the shag. Yes you heard me, an updated 80’s shag. It is such an easy style to pull off because it is perfect in its messiness. It is easy to maintain because of all of the layers. Once you have the cut, you can mess it up by adding mousse on damp hair, flip your head over and blow away. Flip your head back up and use a texturizing hair spray for the finishing touches. You will look like you just got out of a convertible, subtle and very sexy. Super straight styles are on the way out the door. If you love it and I still do. Make it current by pumping up the volume in the crown by using a texture powder, then run your hands through it to make it just a bit messy. 2014 can be your signature year by making some changes. Maybe you move into that new apartment, buy a new car, ditch your not so great boyfriend, find the job of your dreams. Enhance your changes by changing your hair because in 2014 I want to see new hair for a new you. Dianne E. Adams is owner-stylist of Studio Seven Hair in Pineapple Grove. Visit