Happy Healthy Stronger Helps Three Locals Transform Their Lives With Free Five Week Program


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor
Three locals will spend five weeks working out, eating healthy and making the ultimate lifestyle changes to feel their best.
Part of a new initiative by Happy Healthy Stronger, Boca Raton resident and founder Linzi Martinez, PT, NT is helping two Boca residents and one Delray resident transform their lives with tools in their own backyard.
“This has been a dream of mine for the past two years,” Martinez said. “Everyone deserves to feel amazing. I never want people to settle for mediocre, that’s not living.”
So Martinez set out on her mission to help others “feel ridiculously alive.”
She recruited other sponsors in the health world to donate their time and services to a five week makeover package that totals more than $20,000 per person.
The three finalists Emily Aronson, 47, of Boca Raton; Leslie Carter, 47, of Delray Beach; and Wali Waiters, 53, of Boca Raton were selected out of 300 applicants.
During the program called “Mission Possible” they will be filmed so the community can see their progress as it happens. Videos will be posted several times a week on Facebook showcasing training sessions, healthy meal options and real time results.
The first part of their regiment is a blood test from 4Ever Young Anti Aging that will give participants a look at what is happening inside their own bodies. From their, they will each receive a customized plan to help them achieve their goals.
Then they will train at Boca’s Trainerspace three times a week, meet with Dr. Jon Segal of Delray’s My Bodyworx once a week and receive two meals per day from Ideal Meals.
Week six will be beauty week with a grand finale on March 15 from 7 to 10 p.m. at Trainerspace featuring a fashion show by ATHLETA, which also donated clothing items to contestants for their work outs.
The three participants all agreed that now is the time to make a healthy change in their lives.
“My health is no where near what it used to be,” Leslie Carter said. “My family has a lot of health issues and I knew if I didn’t make a change now that’s where I was headed.”
She said her weight has yo-yoed over the years and during hurricane season she said she found her self eating a lot. The St. Croix-native said she felt like she was reliving Hurricane Hugo as she watched the devastation others were going through.
“I felt like I was at the point of no return,” she said. “Now, I feel like all my health goals are possible.”
Getting control of her health is also the reason Emily Aronson decided to apply for the challenge.
“My sister said I had to enter this contest she saw on Facebook,” Emily Aronson said. “I am overweight, unhealthy and have medical issues.”
Aronson, a mom of three young children, said she wants to be healthy for them. She said her doctors said she can get off her medication if she eats healthier and exercises.
“Just to be healthy is my main goal,” she said. “To get off my medication.”
Wali Waiters, the sole male participant, knows what it is like to be in shape and feeling and looking his best. Just three years ago, he said he competed in a body building show.
But last year was a hard year for him physically, mentally and emotionally, he said. He got divorced and said he felt himself letting himself go.
“When you feel bad you dress bad,” he said.
He was on the verge of hiring an image consultant when his friend called to tell him about Happy Heathy Stronger.
“This was supposed to happen,” he said.
A three part series that follows the transformation will air after the event. Check in on their progress on Facebook at the HappyHealthyStronger page.