Harmony In Your Home With Feng Shui: Part One


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Millions of people, over thousands of years, throughout hundreds of cultures have practiced the art of feng shui to improve their fortunes with career, relations, and health.

It is widely accepted that Master Yan Yun-Sang, advisor to the Tang Dynasty, was the founder of feng shui. His notes are the basis for nearly all modern books on the subject.

Here are some basics for beginners.

There are four methods of feng shui: Practical, Symbolic, Energetic, Personal. We will explore “practical” because it does not call for rearranging the whole home and will bring results even without the traditional oriental style and symbols.

Solutions to problems/obstacles interfering with getting what we want in life are called “cures.

In “Practical” feng shui the number one cure to improve the energy in your home is, unsurprisingly, to clear clutter! Energy will flow more freely once you do. Empty space symbolizes readiness for future acquisitions and personal growth.

Traditional cures can be re-invented for today’s lifestyle. This can get very creative! We do this by using colors that are the same as the original cure, and by having a clear intention. For example, traditionally, “Chinese red firecrackers are used to attract attention and lift your reputation”.  We can, instead, light a red candle while sending our intention, to achieve the same effect.

More ideas can be found in Feng Shui Your Life, by Jayme Barrett.

Other “Practical” feng shui practices include:

Letting in the sun to strengthen and energize you;

Strategically placing small plants and opening windows to balance your home with outdoor energy;

Beautifying your front door entrance to invite good fortune.

You may have a natural inclination for feng shui without even knowing you are following it’s practices.

The Bagua

Essential and central to the art of feng shui is a chart called the Bagua, used as a map to guide you. Each of it’s eight sections corresponds to an aspect of your life, and is meant to give you empowering tools to help you achieve your goals. There is extensive information available on how to understand and use the Bagua.

The Five Elements

Fire – red, intelligence and energy

Earth – yellow, tan, brown, endurance and stability

Metal – white, masculinity and competitiveness

Water – black, communication and travel

Wood – green, femininity and creativity

Each element is associated with a color, a season, and more, and they are included in the Bagua.

Our homes should include a representation of all the elements, as their influence can be either “productive” or “destructive”. The balance or imbalance of their energies effects our emotions and behavior.

Try lighting a candle, placing a vase with flowers, setting out a wood bowl with pebbles, or, simply incorporate the colors harmoniously.

More to come next month in Part 2.

Cheryl Adelman, Home Organizing Coach, is owner of Organize In A Day™. She also writes and speaks about de-cluttering and organizing. Invite her to speak to your group on How To Save Money by De-Cluttering!” organizeinaday@gmail.com 609-287-3119