Have You Found True Love Yet?


By Laura Norman Special to The Pineapple It may be closer than you think. We have been trained from birth to look outside ourselves for love, happiness and fulfillment. We constantly look to other people, situations and possessions to make us feel good about ourselves, to feel loved. We often give away our power by behaving in ways that are “acceptable” to those around us, and make our happiness dependent on controlling external circumstances. The truth is that the external world only mirrors how we feel about ourselves. Real happiness and fulfillment can only be found by loving yourself, following your heart, and doing what brings you joy. By being good to ourselves, letting go of any negative self-judgment or expectations and loving ourselves as we are, we allow our world to transform. As it does so, we gain greater and greater self-trust. The more we’re able to trust ourselves, the more we’re able to let go of trying to control outcomes. When we move with the natural flow within us, what some call “intuition”, rather than against the flow or the beliefs we once had that no longer serve us, our experiences more accurately reflect who and what we truly are. The next time you’re faced with a choice about taking care of yourself, ask yourself, “Would I give this gift to another person if I could?” Most likely, you would feel very blessed and joyful to nurture someone in a way they would love. Go ahead and bestow the same blessing on yourself. Anita Moorjani was a young woman with end-stage cancer who experienced a near death experience (NDE) and subsequently healed completely. In her book about her experience, Dying To Be Me, she speaks about the most important lesson she learned from her NDE, “…there’s a different answer for each person. Get in touch with your own magnificence. Only when we fill our own cup with regard for ourselves, will we have any to give away. Only when we love ourselves unconditionally, accepting ourselves as the magnificent creatures we are with great respect and compassion, can we ever hope to offer the same to anyone else. Cherishing the self comes first, and caring for others is the inevitable outcome. “Selfishness comes from too little selflove, not too much, as we compensate for our sense of lack. The only universal solution I found is to love yourself unconditionally and be yourself fearlessly!” It’s not selfish to love or pamper yourself—it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what you truly deserve. Open your heart to yourself as much as you would to others, and you will find the meaning of true love. “I give myself all the good I can imagine.” – Alan Cohen, A Deep Breath of Life Laura Norman, M.S., LMT, worldrenowned Holistic Reflexologist and author of the bestselling book, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, offers private Reflexology and Life Wellness Coaching sessions in Delray Beach and Holistic Reflexology Training Programs in Boynton Beach starting February 7th and 8th. Visit www.lauranorman.comclasses@lauranorman.com •Call 561-272-1220