Healthcare hometown heroes: A telehealth visit with his cardiologist saves Delray Beach man

Bruce Lieberman visited cardiologist for life saving procedure amid coronavirus lockdown. Submitted photo.

By: David DiPino
Contributing Writer

Delray Beach resident Bruce Lieberman says a telehealth visit with his cardiologist Dr. Eric Lieberman during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic community shutdown back in April was the catalyst in discovering a 90 percent right artery blockage in his heart.

“I started feeling chest tightness and had shortness of breath and did what all good husbands do and listened to my wife when she said call your cardiologist,” said Bruce Lieberman, who shares the same last name with Dr. Lieberman but is not related to him.

Interventional cardiologist Dr. Arthur Weiner helped a patient with a heart problem during coronavirus. Submitted photo.

Even though the community was under a lockdown, Dr. Lieberman was able to quickly schedule a telehealth visit and follow-up on Bruce Lieberman’s heart attack symptoms. Dr. Lieberman is a cardiologist with Tenet Florida Physician Services at the South Florida Heart Institute, 5035 Via Delray, located in Delray Beach. In addition, Dr. Lieberman is the National Medical Director of Cardiology for Tenet Healthcare.

“Dr. Lieberman asked me very specific questions and was able to determine I needed to undergo cardiac testing. He implored me to go and have a heart catheterization at Delray Medical Cen-ter,” said Bruce Lieberman.

At Delray Medical Center, Dr. Arthur Weiner, an interventional cardiologist also with Tenet Florida Physician Services and the South Florida Heart ­Institute, placed a stent via a wrist cathe-terization to open up critical blood flow back into Bruce Lieberman’s heart.

Cardiologist Dr. Eric Lieberman treated man for heart issue amid pandemic. Submitted photo.

“At the time, I was reluctant to go to the hospital but I was encouraged by the fact that I was in the cardiac area of the hospital nowhere near where the COVID patients were being hospitalized. Before I entered the hospital, I was given a temperature check and had a mask and gloves on just like the people doing intake. I was received in the Cardiac Cath Lab by the nurses and had at least one nurse, sometimes two nurses, taking care of me in the Cardiac Cath Lab and recovery. It was excellent coverage,” said Bruce Lieberman.

He underwent the interventional heart procedure at Delray Medical Center and was discharged the same day.

“I went into the hospital at 6 a.m. for my heart cath and just a few hours later they were finished. The hospital staff spent a tremendous amount of time to set-up protective protocols prior to my procedure. Everyone was wearing N95 masks and had on protective garments. They really went to great lengths with my safety in mind,” said Bruce Lieberman.

After recovery, Bruce Lieberman thought he’d have to stay in the hospital for observation overnight. Between his interventional cardiologist Dr. Weiner and cardiologist Dr. Lieberman, they decided it would be prudent for him to leave the hospital in the late afternoon the same day of his procedure.

“The fact that I was well enough to leave the hospital was a great testimony to my care,” said Bruce Lieberman.

He’s also seen Dr. Lieberman via telehealth visits twice since his procedure. During these tele-health visits, he said his post-operative care, medications and his well-being were all discussed.

“Dr. Lieberman’s follow-up has been wonderful. He’s a great listener and he’s very succinct. Dr. Lieberman seems to hone-in on the most important aspects of how he sees cardiac care best implemented for each individual patient. He has called me and followed up with me on different occasions to make sure I’m feeling well,” said Bruce Lieberman.

“I have several friends who go to Dr. Lieberman and he’s very direct and treats all his patients with the utmost respect and care.”

After his procedure and follow-up care with Dr. Lieberman, Bruce Lieberman said he definitely feels a great difference in his health. He said his wife is also relieved.

“This was the third major surgical procedure I’ve had in a year’s time after a colon resection and thyroid cancer. Sometimes these things come in three’s. I’ve had my three things and I’m happy to get through this milestone at age 70 because my father only lived to 69. Thanks to Dr. Lieberman, modern medicine and going to a cardiac hospital like Delray Medical Center, I have more life ahead of me,” said Bruce Lieberman.

Today, Bruce Lieberman is back to enjoying a quality of life he experienced prior to his heart ailment.

“I’m walking or playing golf every day and exercising as well. I seem to be more positive going forward now, knowing this is in the rearview mirror.”

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