Here’s What We Think…


December is a busy month full of festivities, family and friends.

In Delray, we are blessed with an array of holiday activities which takes the edge off 80 degree temps that can make it feel more like summer than a winter wonderland.

As we visit the tree, Old School Square and enjoy the parades and events it’s a good time to appreciate the people and organizations that make it possible.

The Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative, Delray Chamber, Old School Square, City of Delray, Delray CRA, Delray Downtown Develpment Authority, Pineapple Grove Main Street, Delray Historical Society and WARC are among the groups and organizations that fuel the holidays. But they are also responsible for making Delray a special place year round.

This is a great time of year to take stock and give thanks.

We have a great town.

Despite our issues.

Despite our challenges.

Despite our divisions.

Despite those who want to take it back.

Because of the people who want to move it forward.

The leaders who volunteer, invest, create, risk and give back.

The Delray Newspaper wishes to thank our readers, advertisers, vendors, staff and community for supporting our mission of gathering and reporting local news. We live in a fascinating place. And for that we are thankful. Happy holidays.