Here’s What We Think…


By the time you read this, Florida’s primary election will be over.

Mercifully over.

Because this election has been far from a shining moment for our state.

We have just been inundated with a tsunami of terrible TV ads, nasty mailers and horrible social media posts that have done absolutely nothing to enlighten us about the issues, opportunities and challenges facing our state.

But we have heard how candidates hate President Trump or love President Trump depending on your party.

What a colossal waste. What an awful disappointment. And sadly how predictable it’s  all been.

Voters deserve better than a constant barrage of expensive insults that do nothing to enlighten us and a whole lot to make us nauseous.

None of the candidates for governor—Democrat or Republican—bothered to outline a vision for where they’d like to take the state.

Other than saying they were for “education for all” or that they “stood with (or against) the president” on immigration we got a lot of nothing.

We certainly didn’t get any details on the environment, insurance, job creation, the opioid epidemic, health care, energy, transportation, school safety, gun legislation or any other important topic. Just platitudes and insults.

Millions of dollars wasted on personal attacks.

It’s disgusting and disgraceful.

Voters deserve better. We all do.

Talk to a political consultant and they will tell you that negative campaigning works. And we suppose it does.

But while it may work for candidates we wonder if it works for Democracy.

We can and must do better.

For the next three months we expect more of the same as we head to the November elections.

While we urge readers to exercise their right to vote, we also urge voters to contact campaigns and challenge candidates to talk about the issues, share their vision and explain how they are uniquely qualified to serve we the people.

That’s the part that seems to be sorely lacking.