Here’s what we think…


December is a great time of year in Delray Beach.

The city is alive and busy. There are a slew of holiday events for people of all ages to enjoy.

Many years ago, when the city was trying to enliven the downtown, decisions were made to take some risks and do some things that would make Delray Beach a holiday destination.

The city bought a Christmas tree from Parrot Jungle and that decision led to the world famous 100-foot-tree and all of the festivities that surround the tree at Old School Square.

From Santa’s and animated displays to holiday concerts and a Hanukkah Menorah, Delray became the place to be for the holidays—a destination where everyone is welcome. For that we are thankful.

As we conclude the year, December marks a time for us to look forward to 2020 and backward to gain some perspective.

It has been a momentous year in Delray Beach—a year of turmoil at City Hall but triumphs too with our own Coco Gauff becoming a worldwide star and the community seeming to turn the corner on the opioid epidemic.

We’ve experienced King Tides, the loss of community icons such as Elizabeth Wesley and Bob Currie and said farewell and thank you to long time Housing Authority Director Dorothy Ellington and Police Chief Jeff Goldman among other faithful public servants.

Along the way, we welcomed new leadership at the Chamber of Commerce, CRA and Old School Square and hold out hope that those important institutions will enter a new golden age.

Yes, 2019 was an epic year. But like so much about life these days, it seems the pace always quickens.

As we move toward 2020, we look forward to a new city manager, local and national elections, progress on long-awaited projects such as Midtown Delray, Atlantic Crossing and the redevelopment of the 600-800 blocks of West Atlantic Avenue.

We hope that iPic— which built such a beautiful facility—will find some financial stability and find tenants for the office space because we can always use the jobs progress brings.

After a year’s respite, we will enter the heat of the election season and we hope that after years of negative campaigning and ridiculous vitriol that we will finally come to our senses and do something different: i.e. contest elections based on ideas not personalities, on who offers ways to unify not divide our community.

We have great hopes for the new City Manager George Gretsas as he seeks to rebuild a dispirited, unstable and fearful City Hall and return us to a place that functions effectively and efficiently.

Most of us all, we wish our readers the very best that the New Year has to offer. And we thank our advertisers for supporting community journalism. We are proud of the work we do, the stories we break, the opinions we express and the spotlight we shine on people, causes and organizations. We seek to be the community’s water cooler, a place you can come and learn about your city—the good, the bad and yes sometimes the ugly. Because only when we surface issues can we hope to solve them. And it’s only when we highlight worthy causes can we find ways to engage and be involved.

As we approach the holiday season, we wish everyone in our community health, safety, prosperity and happiness.

Thank you on behalf of the staff and our contributors. Happy holidays and here’s to a great New Year.