Here’s What We Think…


The end of the year is a great time to reflect.
It’s a time to give thanks, enjoy family and friends and give hope, help and comfort to those who are struggling.
The team at Delray Newspaper wishes our readers, advertisers and the community a safe and happy holiday season.
We are looking forward to 2017 and plan to continue making improvements to your community newspaper. We deeply appreciate your comments and support.
As we close the year, we thought it might be nice to say goodbye to some people, businesses and events that moved on in 2016.
By no means is this list complete; but it’s a good faith effort.
Among the businesses we will miss are: The Green Owl (soon to re-open), Max’s Social House, Hudson’s, Tryst and The Front Porch.
Moving on in 2016 are these Delray people: Vice Mayor Al Jacquet (State House) City Manager Don Cooper, Assistant City Manager David Scott, Fire Chief Dani Connor, Police Sgt. Toby Rubin, City Attorney Noel Pfeffer, Assistant City Attorney Mike Dutko and CFO Jack Warner.
We will miss the Wine & Seafood Festival and especially Garlic Festival but have confidence that the latter will thrive in John Prince Park.
We mourn the loss of beloved former City Clerk Barbara Garito who presided over a happy department while quietly doing a fabulous job.
Bill Branning hung up his CRA hat after 10 years on the agency’s board but luckily he’s chairing Old School Square. We give thanks to Kelli Freeman for her service as chair of the Chamber and welcome new chair Cathy Balestriere.
We also welcome Pesaro, Italy as a new Sister City and thank former Mayor David Schmidt for keeping the flame burning on the Sister Cities front with relationships in Japan, Haiti and Tanzania.
We are especially grateful to see iPic finally receive approvals and look forward to that innovative company headquartering in Delray. We also welcome Kaufman Lynn and Call 4 Health to the Congress Avenue corridor and celebrate the success of the Congress Avenue Task Force’s vision.
We are happy the city worked it out with our Highland Beach neighbors so we can continue to provide fire-rescue service to our neighbors. We hope there are no hard feelings—we love having you next door.
2016 also saw the birth of a new group: Impact 100 for Men, which seeks to make a major difference for local non-profits that support children in the New Year and were pleased to see the Arts Garage get a new lease to keep them alive and kicking.
While there are many things to celebrate in 2016, we are keenly aware of the pain suffered by those who are in the grips of addiction in our city.
Heroin has become a major national scourge and Delray has not been immune. We pray for those struggling with all addictions and give thanks to those who are trying to save their lives which includes our police officers, firefighter/paramedics, responsible providers, hospital workers and dedicated volunteers at the Drug Task Force and at the Crossroads Foundation.
May we seek workable and compassionate solutions in the New Year. We hope the buzzword for 2017 is empathy.